Natty x Benjamin Zephaniah- “Badman (Rastafari Mix)” [Video]

Natty has teamed up with Benjamin Zephaniah on a re-work version of his hit single, “Badman”. The new track is titled “Badman (Rastafari Mix)” and is lifted off his ’10 Year Anniversary’ album, Man Like I & I X. The LP will be released on 19th October. He has since announced the promotional tour for the album and this re-work track is enough psyche for the shows. About the song, Natty, who we’ve once featured here on Aipate, says:

“The track has a mantra-like Rastafari chant throughout the song, giving it an other-worldly type effect. I thought I’d bring it back down to earth with the video I which I hope showcases the rebel energy of Rasta people in London”

Natty is supported by his band The Rebelship. Watch the video below.


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