Introducing Permi Boi: Listen to “Your Body”


The spotlight is, this time, directed towards Permi Boi, a Kenyan singer/songwriting newcomer. Armed with a powerful voice, the artist  whose birth name is Perminus Wachira debuted back in 2017 with a song he titled, “Niskize”. We are highlighting the 23-year-old artist’s latest single, “Your Body”, an emotive piece that finds him describing his pursuit of an otherwise elusive love. Released via Nairobi’s Grosspool Music, the record is a perfect showcase of Permi’s vocal prowess. Still, you will be gripped by the vivid lyrical composition. As a songwriter, the youngster also pens for other artists, with his contribution to Afigy’s 2018 single “Don’t Try” being the most notable. 

Permi Boi is set to grace the stage this week at the Ongea Summit Artist showcase. He will, alongside Teezeh, Qritiqal and Agolla, be representing Aipate (we will be exhibiting). Listen to “Your Body” and follow the musician on Facebook.



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