Lady Shaynah releases “Confusion”, her latest single

Lady Shaynah

Dutch R&B singer/songwriter Lady Shaynah shares a new song which she’s titled “Confusion”. Lifted off her forthcoming Chapter 22 EP, the track follows up her previous single, “Over”. The heartrending composition is a tribute to those who’ve been left confused, on the other side of a nasty breakup. Her soulful vocals further add more power to the already gripping lyrics.

The relationship was quite perfect. Until… he woke up one day, saying he had a vision of his future wife. He said I didn’t have all the characteristics of said ‘future wife’, but ‘we could work on that’. This felt like a slap in my face. What broke my heart, even more, is that when I gave him the choice of taking me the way I am or leaving, within the blink of an eye, he chose to leave. I didn’t see any of that coming. I didn’t know he had certain expectations of me that I didn’t live up to and it made me question the entire 2 years that we were together. The more I reflected upon the relationship, the more questions I had and thus ‘Confusion’ was born.”     ~ Shaynah

Listen to the song and follow the artist on Instagram and Facebook.


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