Michael Barrow & the Tourists share “Sweet Honey”

Savour the beauty of Michael Barrow & the Tourists‘ new single, “Sweet Honey”. With an engaging, folksy and bluesy guitar riffs, the indie-favoured, rock tune carries an overlay of charming vocals. Connected together using an delightfully additive chorus, “Sweet Honey” is easily an earworm. The record is out courtesy of AlexRainBird Music.

Michael Barrow & the Tourists is an American, 5-piece folk/rock band that hails from Provo, Uttah, and is comprised of Michael Barrow (lead vocals, guitar), Mark Lanham (lead guitar), Alessandro Improta (bass), Reed Perkins (drums), and Zach Collier (keys). Since the unveiling of their debut album Juneau in 2017, the outfit has steadily been amassing an audience. This year, they are working on a number of singles but also have their sophomore album in sight.



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