3 Alt-Pop songs to add to your playlist

Aipate‘s latest limited selection of songs includes 3 alt-pop tracks with a combined mix of indie-rock, folk and country.

Neon Dreams – “Turn Back Now”

Music duo Neon Dreams are maintaining the momentum they picked up in 2019 with the unveiling of a new single and video, “Turn Back Now”. The indie-pop flavoured song has an upbeat tune and and a catchy chorus, easily reflecting on the gripping-yet-motivational lyrics: the song was inspired by frontman Frank Kadillac witnessing his mother emerging victorious from a chemotherapy-intensive cancer treatment.

Michael Barrow & The Tourists – “No Such Thing (As Getting Over You)”

Michael Barrow & The Tourists ended the year with the release of the EP, Something New. Among the 5 tracks on the mini-album is the single “No Such Thing (As Getting Over You)”, an engagingly beautiful piece. The song carries the band’s signature style, which is a blend of indie rock, blues and folk. Something New also includes “Sweet Honey“, a record previously shared on Aipate.

The Little Miss – “A Week Into New Year’s Resolutions”

The Little Miss‘ new single, “A Week Into New Year’s Resolutions”, was written literally a week into 2020. It finds the singer/songwriter cheering her escape of the frustrations arising from new-year resolutions. She expresses her breakaway from the kind of self-imposed pressures people develop so as to conform to the society’s exceptions of them. The track is dressed in a country-folk instrumentation mixed with a hint of pop.


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