REL would rather be “Back To The River”. Hear her in new single

How do you deal with a heartbreak, especially one that leaves you quite bruised emotionally? Well, I too don’t know for sure but with this new song from REL, I feel there’s one more story to relate that heart-wrenching experience to. “Back To The River” is an emotive and melancholic song that fits into the 23-year-old, American singer/songwriter’s brand of pop music, which by the way, she refers to as ‘Evocapop’. Arriving already furnished with an electronic edge, the song carries a melodic indie vibe and was composed post-breakup.

I wrote ‘Back to the River’ the day after a breakup – my first real heartbreak. I had a session scheduled with Miles Cole, a producer I’d worked with on one song before, and decided not to cancel it, but to channel what I was feeling into music. We made this song that day. It’s a part of Side A, the first piece of my visual album, EVOCAPOP. The song is about wishing you could go back to something you’ve lost touch with, feeling the cold of loss. Realizing highs & lows that come with growing up or apart, highs & lows of coping mechanisms too.” ~ REL

REL is the moniker for LA-based artist Arielle Sitrick. In 2015, she crowd-funded her debut EP R.E.L. Currently, she is working on a 3-side visual album, EVOCAPOP, a project that entails self-love, recovery and empowerment.

You should also listen to “Masquerade”, a song winch accompanies this new release.



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