Hazlett sparks “Fireworks” in his latest single

Hazlett‘s new single “Fireworks” is, in a way, a celebration of love and the simple things that spark the magic. The electronic/pop record gets the best of the Brisbane, Australia-based singer/songwriter as he lays in his gritty-yet-smooth vocals. With honest lyrics that fits into his signature style of heartfelt compositions, “Fireworks” not only brings out the romantic side of Hazzlett but is also guaranteed to keep the listener fully hooked.

I wrote this song after a night in Croatia with my then girlfriend. We bought some cheap fireworks from the corner store and set them off a rooftop after dinner. It was bittersweet, they made magic look so easy and all I wanted was for her to look at me like that. But I think if you have it, you have it. Love shouldn’t be work, love is magic.” ~ Hazlett 

This track hints at what is expected in the musician’s sophomore EP, which is coming up later in the year. As you listen to the song, consider following the artist on Instagram.



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