Myles Cameron drops Lonely Suburbia Blackboy EP

An R&B track with a beautiful indie-pop flavour, “Lonely Suburban” is a new song from Westchester, New York-based singer/songwriter Myles Cameron. It is, in fact, a track taken from the 21-year-old artist’s just-released EP, Lonely Suburban Blackboy. Preceded by the singles “Picket Fences”, “Yellow” and “Nothing Gold”, the 6-track project was executive-produced by producer Frankis. The other songs on the EP include: “Air 1s”, “Covet” and “Lonely Suburbia”, which has been highlighted above.

Myles’ ear for great sounds matches his above-decent songwriting skills. With a gripping vocal delivery, the songs will transport you to a world that the musician has created.

Lonely Suburban Blackboy is a character portrait. It’s based on two major themes: blackness in white spaces and warm colors and aesthetics. The process of writing it was pretty difficult honestly. I had to do a lot of digging into myself and put some of my biggest insecurities and worst memories on the page. After having gone through that whole process though, I feel more confident and secure in myself than ever before.” ~ Myles Cameron

The EP is available for streaming below.


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