Gold Spectacles – “I Can See The Future”

British indie-pop duo Gold Spectacles returns with another song: “I Can See The Future”. This is the latest single and eighth track on their series of twelve monthly singles that’s designed to coincide with the lunar calendar. Other songs we’ve previously covered include “Origami Lover“, “Courtside” and “Cut Me Off“.

Combing Spanish guitar melodies, punching synths and cleverly moderated bass lines, “I Can See The Future” is another interesting piece from the London-based ‘baroque-pop’ band. This song was written about seeing the inevitable end of a once perfect relationship. The band says:

We were drawing on the idea of being too caught up in the future to appreciate the present. The singer sees glimpses of imperfections in their relationship forming and jumps to the conclusion that everything is falling apart. The track developed from a chord pattern played on a beaten up 1952 Hammond organ which we rescued and restored from a local school. A new addition to our home studio.


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