8 Ways Music Helps in Stress Relief

Having problems dealing with stress? Getting headaches, feeling dizzy, stomach issues, feeling out of place or not being in a good mood most of the time usually signifies stress. Stress is usually our body’s response towards any kind of change. This change can be mental or physical. Even small daily-life events that are difficult to handle can also stress you out. Out of all the creative and complicated ways of handling stress, music is a very effective and fun way of living stress-free. Here are a few hacks to use music and lift your mood!

  1. Get Things Done. Faster and Better: – Music has been proven to increase productivity. It improves concentration levels. A higher level of concentration improves the quality of work and you might just be able to finish that assignment before time.
  2. Sing It Out!: – No matter if you’re a bathroom singer, professional artist or a karaoke king, singing out loud releases the happy hormone dopamine that biologically puts you in a positive mood. So, go get a karaoke microphone that you have been looking at the store and let your inner singer come out.
  3. Feel the Best of Yourself: – Has it ever happened to you that walking by a street, when you heard an upbeat song and suddenly started tapping your feet, clapping to the beat and the next thing you know is that you are singing along and maybe dancing too? Music and mood go hand in hand and studies show that listening to your favorite songs can lift your mood as it takes you back the feelings and memories attached to it. So, go listen to “the best day of my life!” if you’re not feeling too good!
  4. Music Routine: – Listening to music after waking up while doing your morning routine can set the mood for your entire day. So, including a playlist of good peppy music in the morning can set your mood and make you feel better throughout the day, making it hard for stress to creep into your life.
  5. Reduce Body Pain: – Listening to calming music reduces heart rate and decreases headache. Researches show that simply relaxing and listening to music for a while can reduce muscle aches and body pain.
  6. Improve Your Focus: – Listening to music takes away all the distractions outside and helps you stay in the present, not letting your mind roam into unicorn land. Along with keeping you focused, listening to music while working can make boring tasks fun. So, put your earphones on and play your favorite playlist while writing that long report, or going for a run, or cooking.
  7. Sleep Well: – A symptom of stress is also not getting enough sleep or not having a regular sleeping pattern. Sleeping less or at the wrong time increases the existing stress levels and gives rise to more serious physiological problems. Researches say that listening to the right kind of music can put you to sleep right away.
  8. Bonus Point for Improving Your Immunity: – As odd as it sounds, studies suggest that music can boost the internal functioning of your body. As listening to dance music increases the production of antibiotics in your body making you stronger and recover quickly from illnesses.

These are a few but effective methods to use something as simple as music to lighten up your day and increase productivity. Music has been proven to be linked with so many aspects including mood, muscular pains, internal functioning and is used in therapies as well. So, go ahead and try these out for yourself and see which one works best for you.

Author Bio: Ronald Ross is an active blogger on health and wellness issues and believes in building a healthy community. He has personally dealt with stress and is always eager to help out others as it is something prevailing in everybody’s lives. Ronald currently writes for LoudBeats.org about music


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