Kima Otung debuts with “Morning”

Armed with her spellbinding voice, Contemporary R&B debutante Kima Otung is truly an refreshing addition to the music scene. The Nigerian-born, Wales-raised and London-based singer and songwriter–and until recently, a corporate lawyer–has released her first single, “Morning”. Sung over a riveting and cinematic track, this is a soulful song which is crowned up with a chilling vocal delivery and moving lyrics. The composition details a not-so-pleasant story of a turbulent relationship and separation.

The song tells the familiar yet untold story that I like to call ‘The Tale of the Princess and the Wasteman’”, says Kima. “It’s a tale of dysfunction and woe. Most women are familiar with it. It’s the one where you question the decisions you’ve made in life to find yourself in a relationship with an idiot. And whichever way you look at it or try to convince yourself, you know he’s a wasteman, he knows he’s a wasteman, his own mother knows he’s a wasteman.Kima adds, “but for some reason, because you’ve put in so much time and energy, you convince yourself to stay longer than you should and give chances that you shouldn’t give”. 

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