New music videos: visuals from Harrison Storm, Jonathan Roy and Nicole Rayy

Here are three videos for previously released indie-pop songs by Harrison Storm, Jonathan Roy and Nicole Rayy:

Jonathan Roy – “Keping Me Alive”

“Keeping Me Alive” is a powerful song by Canadian singer/songwriter Jonathan Roy. It is a lyrically honest and vocally vulnerable piece backed by gripping piano melodies. The artist, who hails from Quebec but is now based in California, USA, indicates that “Keeping Me Alive” is the first song he wrote with his new collaborators, Brian Howes and Jay Van Poederooyen.

Harrison Storm – “Falling Down”

As you probably know, Australian indie-pop singer/songwriter and musician Harrison Storm has a new EP out. Titled Falling Down, the project was released on Nettwerk Music back in July. The EP’s title track “Falling Down” (which we previously shared) now has a music video to it.

“Falling Down” carries the vocalist’s signature soulful delivery and musically, it imbues an emotion-igniting instrumentation.

Nicole Rayy – “Unfinished”

Canadian country/pop singer-songwriter and pianist Nicole Rayy has, at last, unveiled the visuals for her last single “Unfinished”.

The enchanting ballad is an honest expression out of the Ontario-based artist’s ‘love diary’. Delivered within powerful vocals and an emotionally engaging tune, “Unfinished” will definitely resonate with many listeners.

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  1. […] Canada’s Jonathan has released his new EP, My Lullaby. Each of the 7 songs making up this collection came from a place of self-reflection. Take, for example, the track “Walk out on Me”. It’s a heartfelt and soul-stirring pop piece about a relationship worth fighting for. Throughout the EP, the singer-songwriter’s vocals stand out. Other songs include “Lights of Los Angeles” and the previously released “Keeping Me Alive“. […]


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