Travel with Karolina Rose to “Greytopia”

In her new song “Greytopia”, alt. pop singer Karolina Rose paints a picture of an idealistic world where humans are able side-step life’s imperfections to reach their potential, and still have fun while at it. “Greytopia” plays with two contrasting emotions, excellently balancing the highs and the lows. The track’s upbeat instrumentation is provides the energy to transport each listener to “Greytopia”. Produced by Elliot Jacobson, this is the first cut from Karolina’s upcoming EP, Rosemary (due 2020 via AWAL).

“This song refers to taking in all the nuances of life on the spectrum of white to grey to black and accepting it, meanwhile enjoying life in your most productive, idealistic manner. It’s in another world where things aren’t jaded and morals and ethics are high. We have all the amenities of Earth but use them in a positive, productive way. Just do your best with what you have and create your own perfection within something that isn’t. You can lounge; you can work; feel happy; feel sad. It’s all okay. It’s a fairytale land. We’re in another world – another planet.”

Karolina Rose

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