Evan Castle & The Southern Tier are back with “Drunk As Hell”

Debuting barely six months ago with the single “Passengers“, Evan Castle & the Southern Tier band are already into their third song. Christened “Drunk As Hell”, this new release is a melancholia-inducing piece founded on a down-tempo indie-rock instrumentation. It is a chillingly moving song laced with a bluesy feel.

“For me this song was about a time when I felt helpless and just wanted the night to be over. It’s about the feeling you get when something really terrible happens in a day and you look back at it wishing things had been different.”

Evan Castle

Born in Appalachia, a region characterized by a low population density and a disconnect from the bustles of big city life, Evan Castle made use of this serenity to hone his singing and songwriting skills. Satisfied with his gains, he moved to Nashville to advance his passion for music. Now as the frontman of the band, he’s modeled their style on ‘seductive guitar lines and an analog recording methodology’. Their sound is, generally, a blend of Americana, rock and blues-rock.

“Drunk as Hell” saw the band retreat to Evan’s hometown – for inspiration. Listen above.


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