Simon Alexander shares title-track to his upcoming EP, In The Rust

Simon Alexander is a folk singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sweden. Debuting strongly in 2017 with the EP Won’t Be Found, he immediately got keen fans excited about his prospects. That same thrill is still sustained each time the musician drops a new song. On this occasion, Simon Alexander is sharing the track “In The Rust”. This one is the second single and title-track to his scheduled new EP.

“In The Rust” is a gripping and lyrical piece backed by an engaging instrumentation and lush production. The record is out via Rehn Music Group.

“…for this song, I wanted to lean towards a more American folk sound, since I’ve always been fascinated by capturing the raw emotions of an ordinary story. And together with the help of my friends and band members we were able to make this song into something really special.”

Simon Alexander

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