Introducing Anja Kotar: watch “House Party” music video

For those already aware of fast-rising US-based Slovenian pop artist Anja Kotar, they may agree that polished songwriting and a stunning image best describe her style. That said, her new single, which she’s named “House Party”, doesn’t disappoint in that regard. Released alongside a colourful music video, it imbues catchy pop melodies and a smooth vocal delivery. This happy song is a nice anthem for those moments when all one wants to do is have fun while staying indoors.

“I wrote the song a few months ago when I was home alone and decided to have a nice evening in. I put on my favourite robe, ordered some pizza, grabbed some chocolate raisins, sat on the couch, and started looking through Netflix to figure out what was going to watch. As I was scrolling through the options and eating my chocolate raisins, a random, joke song idea popped into my head: ‘I don’t wanna go out, I just want to stay at home / Wear my favourite robe, tonight I I’m partying alone’. It took me a few seconds to realize that actually sounded like a legit song, so I ran to my piano and wrote the rest of what is now “House Party”.

Anja Kotar

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