New Release Friday: 15 new songs out on July 31st

Here is this week’s New Release Friday roundup and Spotify playlist (see below).

Cloudy June – “Pretty Pills for Broken Hearts”

Cloudy June‘s new single “Pretty Pills for Broken Hearts” is yet another great release from the Berlin-based emerging pop singer/songwriter. It’s the follow-up to her singles “High Waist to Hell” and “Psycho”. On this one, Cloudy June takes us on a journey through wonderland. Prior to her new solo project, the 21-year-old was a vocalist with a metal/rock band.

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Oscar Welsh – “Drift”

Oscar Welsh is one of the emerging bedroom pop artists who are bringing with them a sweeping wave. The UK singer/songwriter has today unveiled his debut EP, Vernal. Throughout the 5 songs, he engages listeners with his soulful brand of indie-pop. Focus single “Drift”, for example, is a beautiful piece with elegant guitars, soft vocals and overwhelming lyrics.

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Lita – “Bionda (trasteverina)”

Italian artist Lita recently captivated us with her song, “Ciao Ciao“. Her new single “Bionda (trasteverina)” sees the Rome-born, LA-based newcomer furthering her signature blend of R&B, pop and classical music. Delivered in Italian language, the song carries a lovely violin melody that adds to it a chill vibe. Spotify added “Bionda (trasteverina)” to its New Music Friday Italia playlist.

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Khamari – “The Heat”

Releasing his debut single “Jealous” to great reviews, emerging R&B/pop singer-songwriter Khamari has since captured the hearts of both fans and taste-makers. He’s now returned with his second song, “The Heat”. This song is self-written and self-produced (with support from production duo, Trackside). Its organic instrumentation sets the tone for Khamari’s smooth, soulful vocal delivery. The artist sings about the need to get away from a relationship. “The Heat” is billed as the second release off of his forthcoming debut EP.

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Coi Leray – “Do Better”

New Jersey rapper and social media star Coi Leray‘s is working on an EP (Now Or Never) which has been scheduled for an August 14 release. Kiana Ledé, Sevyn Streeter, Fetty Wap, and Gunna have been confirmed as the featured acts on the project. All this information was revealed while the artist was releasing her song “Do Better” — a single off of the planned EP. “Do Better” is a melodic and bouncy trap track that shows Coi’s new level of confidence and maturity.

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Steve Malcolm x Shaggy – “Fuego (Remix)”

Grand Rapids, Michigan rapper Steven Malcolm tapped Jamaican reggae-dancehall legend Shaggy for the remix of his hit song, “Fuego”. The original piece appeared on his latest album, The Second City. This new version has been accompanied by a music video that adds a fresh twist to the song. Steven is signed to IVAV, a division of Curb | Word Entertainment.

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Tosz x Salacia – “Coração”

Polish-born and Frankfurt-based electronic producer and artist Tosz has just unveiled a melodic deep-house anthem named “Coração”. On the new record, he works with Brazilian singer Salacia, whose harmony-filled delivery borders on sweet lullabies. Both artists sing in Portuguese. “Coração” is accompanied by a moody music video filmed in South America’s favelas. Also, alongside the track are three official remixes by Brazilian and German DJs.

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Eve Alai x Senara – “Pills and Potions”

For his latest song, Singaporean songwriter and dance music producer Eve Alai collaborated with Senara, a pop vocalist from Sri Lanka. Named “Pills and Potions”, it arrives as the first single off of Alai’s upcoming debut EP. The track is packed with house-flavoured beats and spellbinding melodies. The singer’s mesmerizing vocals is the perfect instrument for the delivery the somber lyrics. “I noticed that people love to dance to songs that address situations in love and life that are unfortunate,” Eve Alai describing the inspiration behind the song. “I wanted to create a vibe where people could embrace their sadness and dance at the same time.

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Munatix – “You Just Keep Hanging On”

“You Just Keep Hanging On” is the newest release by Munatix, an electronic outfit from Genk, Belgium. It’s a classic synth-pop song with a fresh modern twist. The message behind the lyrics is also quite profound: the song addresses the enhanced connectivity that messaging apps offer those in long distance relationships and the need for physical contact that such technology doesn’t solve.

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Anja Kotar – “Woo!”

US-based Slovenian pop artist Anja Kotar‘s new song “Woo!” comes with a compelling dance sensation. It’s fun, catchy, melodic and surely, the quintessential party jam. The 22-year-old says she was inspired to write the song after observing people jamming to music on their headphones, each grooving to their own rhythm. “Woo!” continues the singer-songwriter’s rise up the heights of pop.

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The Accents – “Life In A Video”

The Accents is a new duo made of Toronto-based Canadian artists Mathijs Kriebel and Rich Walker. The two youngsters have unveiled a new single christened “Life In A Video”. The song was produced by Mike Brandolino and arrives arrives side-by-side an awesome music video. Its release sets the outfit on the path towards the unveling of their debut EP, Still On Film. “Life In A Video” is an infectious pop track with a driving bass, scintillating synths and honeyed vocals.

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Izzy Staden – “You Don’t Lie Well”

British singer-songwriter Izzy Staden tackles emotional manipulation with her latest song, “You Don’t Lie Well”. Written from her personal experience with someone she was seeing, it is about taking back control over yourself. Despite the passionate sentiments, the song sounds lively and high-spirited. Izzy Staden is a mental health champion and uses her social media channels to this end.

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Brad Byrd – “Love You Bad”

Arkansas pop/rock singer-songwriter Brad Byrd is back with a new single, “Love You Bad”. This is actually the first song he’s released since his 2017 debut EP, Silhouettes. Energetic and catchy, it involves a catchy guitar riff, strong vocals and confident lyrics. “Love You Bad” is, basically, a guy saying to a girl he is interested in that he’ll treated her better than her current partner does. The record was produced and mixed by Matt Huber and mastered by Michael Curtis.

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Kristopher James – “Never Had to Find Our Way”

“Never Had to Find Our Way” is a soulful new pop/rock tune by American musician Kristopher James. It is generally a great record that was created during quarantine period. In making it, the singer-songwriter was supported by Aaron Buckingham (on drums), Andrew Glasgow (bass), De Marco Johnson(keyboard) and Max Brown (lead guitar), with each musician being a member of a different band.

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somegirlnamedanna – “seriously just stop”

somegirlnamedanna has been buzzing for a while. Now, the pop singer-songwriter officially unveils her debut EP, twenty one, twenty two. The 6-song project is out on LAV/Republic Records and about it, she says, “twenty one, twenty two represents the journey that the last year has taken me on: the ups and downs, and the love and the heartbreak. To me, this ep has been about self-discovery and the path to self-acceptance. I think it’s easy to forget that people are not living the perfect lives portrayed on social media, and these songs were inspired by the real challenges and downswings that many of us face behind the screen. I want people to remember they are not alone in these times and I hope we continue to display our vulnerabilities and traits that make us human in popular culture.”

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