Exploring indie-pop: New releases from Tim Schou, Emily James and Tom Read

Tim Schou, Emily James and Tom Read’s new singles form our latest roundup of indie-pop tunes that we recommend you listen to.

Tim Schou – “High Water”

Danish singer/songwriter Tim Schou’s new single “High Water” is a beautifully done acoustic piece. An interplay of intimate guitar plucks and lush piano chords, the pop-driven instrumentation provides the perfect room for the talented singer and performer to deliver a tale of unconditional love. The result is a heartwarming piece capable of painting every heart with affection. “High Water” was written by Andreas Ringblom and Tim Schou and produced Søren Christensen.

Emily James – “bartender”

Emerging pop songstress Emily James makes good music, consistently. Her latest release is the song “bartender”. Carrying an engaging guitar melody over which the young singer lays her soothing vocals, the track gets addictive with each repeat. Emily is a New York native who is currently based out of the city of Los Angeles. Her debut album Til The Morning effectively paved the way for her ascent.

Tom Read – “Falling”

Tom Read is a singer, songwriter and producer from the UK. The artist has just unveiled a new single titled “Falling”. This is the third song off of his planned EP to be named Reorient. Imbued with smoothly harmonic electronic melodies, “Falling” is an instant bop — and it’s inspiring too. Tom’s next single arriving in February (ahead of the EP release in March) is named “Thank You”. Considering that the previous two were very well received, we can’t wait to hear the song and, later, the EP.


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