Exploring Electro-pop: an international roundup

For our latest roundup of electro-pop releases, Aipate is taking you on a cross-continental trip. Countries represented include France, South Korea, Kenya, The US, Sweden and The Netherlands. Enjoy!

CMC$ x SVEA – “Stupid Dumb”

Hot off STMPD RCRDS’ kitchen is “Stupid Dumb”, a song by Dutch electronic producer CMC$ and Swedish pop vocalist SVEA. It captures the singer professing her affection for a love interest. With vocals oozing with sincerity, “Stupid Dumb” will resonate with many a listener. It’s that sublime piece worth every listen.

LOVA – “Jealous of My Friends”

Sweden’s LOVA is back with another bop. “Jealous Of My Friends” is a piece about missing the experience of being in a relationship. The 21-year-old vocalist employs honest songwriting, matching her propensity for melodic instrumentation. 2019 was a massive year for LOVA as she was able to amass millions of streams and effectively orchestrate a global breakout.

Abe Parker – “Seventeen”

Blue Rock, Ohio native Abe Parker has this thing about his music style that makes every song sound so nostalgic and somber. The American singer-songwriter and producer’s latest release is the song “Seventeen”. Abe wrote it about that alienating feeling that kicks in when you go back to your hometown after a long absence. Emotion-imbued guitar chords begin the track before being reigned on by a contemporary R&B/hip-hop rhythm. “Seventeen” was accompanied with a video filmed in the artist’s hometown.

Ukweli & Xenia Manasseh – “My Pride”

Kenyan electronic producer (and member of the EA Wave collective) Ukweli recently did pair up with fast-rising Kenyan singer Xenia Manasseh, and the result is the song “My Pride”. It’s a moody track punctuated with melodic synths. With Xenia’s soulful vocals amplifying the emotionally potent lyrics, “My Pride” begs for an earnest listen.

Nature – “I’m So Pretty”

NATURE is a 9-member Korean girl group formed formed in 2018 by n.CH Entertainment. Composed by Sohee, Chaebin, Sunshine, Saebom and Lu from Korea, Aurora and Uchae from China and Haru from Japan, the outfit ignites a wider appeal. Their single “I’m So Pretty”, which was produced by Stockholm-based producer/songwriter Erik Lidbom, is a high-octane tune. It carries that sassy energy of Asian pop.

Solarrio – “Started This Yet”

For the track “Started This”, French producer/artist Solarrio successfully recreated the magic of 80’s pop. With a mid-to-slow tempo and awesome retro synths, the record has this swaying effect which is hard to resist. Its deep vocal delivery not only befits the instrumentation but also empowers the lyrics: the composition describes the need to not rush into a relationship. This new song arrived ahead of another single (“On My Mind“) on which Solarrio features Nigerian songstress Niniola.

Dad – “Fresher”

“Fresher” by bedroom-pop newcomer Dad comes a statement — and an unapologetic one, for that matter. It is an anthem that celebrates the freedom of being single again. The track brought together the 19-year-old singer/songwriter with Grammy-nominated Austrian producer, artist and pianist Yakob. It sounds refreshing and would be a nice addition to your playlist.

DABIT – “Don’t Wanna Be”

South Korean DABIT artist has a new single out. With “Don’t Wanna Be”, the K-Pop crooner crafted the perfect love song. Polished songwriting, honeyed vocals and crispy production all combine to make this a magnificent song. About it, DABIT remarks: ‘The song lyrics were originally ‘I don’t wanna be a man.’ And it was actually a song that I wrote to myself in the midst of feeling pressure to ‘man up” to the modern day’s definition of what a ‘real man’ looks and acts like. The song itself is about breaking free from someone who is expecting you to meet their criteria of what they think a man should be within their relationship.

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