See Nirob Islam in visuals for his new single “Westside”

The video for Swedish-raised singer and songwriter Nirob Islam‘s new single “Westside” takes him to the heart of Asia. The simply taken clip captures him smoothly cruising on a bike along a road shared by nonchalant rural folk and herds of cattle. This serenely carefree atmosphere augments the aesthetics of the track. “Westside” is a marriage of melodic pop and hip hop-influenced R&B. It’s out courtesy of BLNK Music.

“‘​Westside was inspired by the struggles, success and overall journey that I’ve had with my best friend and writing partner over the past few years. I found it funny how self-doubt, disbelief and an overall lack of confidence are always present, no matter what level of success you can have creatively. Working with music is a double-edged sword where self expression and your emotions can be valued simply by what other people think. With those things in mind, I just wanted to make a song where I show appreciation to what I have and the people around me, and also to remind people not to overthink things too much”

Nirob Islam

Formerly going under the moniker SHY Nodi, Nirob is a Stockholm-based artist with Bengali roots. His previous song “Busy Making Plans” was quite a remarkable release.

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