New Music Roundup: Passionate Pop Songs

Aipate‘s latest pop music roundup is a selection of 7 new passion-driven songs.

3RIN x EHNA – “Oulala”

“Oulala” by Romanian artists 3RIN and EHNA is perfect for a romantic summer getaway. Dominated by Spanish guitar rhythm which translates into that Latin-pop vibe, the song has the hallmarks of an anthem. The two singers’ heart-melting voices flow smoothly over the track and we can hear them regaling us with an enthralling love story.

Samuel Jack – “Gonna Be Alright”

London singer Samuel Jack returns with another single titled “Gonna Be Alright”. Lyrically reassuring and vocally passionate, the song is so uplifting. It’s a perfect blend of soul and pop and arrives as the first installment on the musician’s scheduled debut album Empty Pockets, Crowded Heart, a collection of songs that emotionally intimate his journey. Regardless of your emotional status, you will find “Gonna Be Alright” worth repeating.

ZØYA – “Outrageous”

Los Angeles-based pop singer-songwriter ZØYA (a.k.a Zoya Naumchik) is slowly building a reputation around her emotive compositions. The Minsk, Belarus-born artist has returned with yet another gripping piece. Named “Outrageous”, the songs is about finding the courage to walk away from an emotionally abusive relationship. While listening to it, consider also checking out her earlier song “So Far Away“.

Johnny Orlando – “Phobias”

17-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter (and 2019 MTV Europe Music Award winner for Best Canadian Act) Johnny Orlando has shared a new song. Although not overly moody, “Phobias” is a vulnerable admission of personal insecurities. The track was produced by Nikki Adamsson and about it Johnny says: “It’s definitely the most personal song I’ve ever released, I really open up about all of my individual fears and insecurities. This is the first single from my next chapter of music, and I couldn’t be more ready to show everyone what I’ve been working on.

Limón Limón -“Normal Now”

You probably loved Limón Limón‘s previous single “July In Sydney”. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the LA-based multi-instrumentalist duo (Jason and Rand) is back with another blissful and fuzzy tune. Titled “Normal Now”, it is about being yourself and resisting others’ attempts to have you conform to their expectations. The production combines vintage synths with fresh pop sensibilities to give fans a special treat.

Shayla K. – “Breathe”

Shayla K. is an American songwriter and soulful singer based out Atlanta but originally from Iowa. Making music that blurs the edges of pop, rock and R&B, her star as a solo artist is getting brighter each day. “Breathe” is her second and latest release. The melody-driven instrumentation is graced by Shayla heartwarming lyrics and soothing vocals.

JC Stewart – “Lying That You Love Me”

Ireland’s JC Stewart is an artist on the rise. The singer-songwriter’s first single of 2020 is something for a marvel. “Lying That You Love Me” is a piano-backed ballad penned about that curious feeling of being addicted to a person despite the knowledge that they’re not good for you. Prepared by hit-making producer KOZ, the record was premiered on Radio 1 and is accompanied by a solo performance visual.


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