Stream Le Boeuf and Tema Siegel’s new single “Last Night”

2020 is probably the year that Le Boeuf has earmarked for his biggest leap. The Danish electronic producer has lined up a series of singles that will extend his influence beyond his home city of Copenhagen. The first installment comes in the form of “Last Night”, an electro-pop record that found him collaborating him with US vocalist Tema Siegel (who is a member of Boston-based soul/funk/pop band Couch) and New York-based songwriter Matt Lukasiewicz.

Describing the aftermath of a romantic evening, the song is as pleasing just as it’s lyrically thought-provoking. On it, Tema’s sweet vocal lays nicely over Le Boeuf’s melodic, house-influenced instrumentation.

“This song has traveled thousands of kilometers; and I mean that both figuratively and literally. It started as just an instrumental track I worked on in Copenhagen. I sent it to my friend Matt Lukasiewicz over in New York where he wrote a cool lyric story and hook concept on top of the instrumental. Hearing the words and the vocal melodies really helped inspire me to revisit the instrumental again. I ended up taking the whole song apart and completely reconstructed it, every single instrument and sound. And of course, then Tema did her thing with the vocals in Boston. You wouldn’t be able to recognize anything from where the song started to where it arrived. I’m really happy where it ended up.”

Le Boeuf

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