New Release Friday: 16 new songs out on December 11th

It’s time for New Release Friday roundup. The Spotify playlist is also up-to-date.

Blaiz Fayah x DJ Glad – “Low”

Blaiz Fayah is releasing a new single named “Low”. A body-moving dancehall tune, it was created as a collaboration with DJ Glad. While Blaiz splits time between Paris and London, DJ Glad hails from Martinique, an island in the Caribbeans. Thanks to the artists’ diverse backgrounds, “Low” has a crossover appeal. The song will surely get listeners on their feet.

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Wolvo x Deyon Agoi x OBT x Dr Jazz – “I Need It”

“I Need It” is a dancehall-Afrobeat hybrid track from UK producer Wolvo. Lagos-based Nigerian artists Deyon Agoi, OBT and Dr Jazz collaborate with Wolvo on the release. The song finds the singers delivering sweet, lustful lyrics. Overall, “I Need It” is a smooth, melodic dancefloor-heater. It’s such kind of great records that caught the attention of the likes of Armada Music, Xploded, Universal and Warner Music, and got Wolvo releasing music with these labels.

<Find Wolvo, Deyon Agoi, OBT and Dr Jazz on Instagram>>

Le Boeuf x Jaime Deraz – “Soho (Wasted With You)”

For his latest release, Danish electronic producer Le Boeuf linked up with emerging American vocalist Jaime Deraz. The result is a melodic yet headbanging deep house number titled “SoHo (Wasted With You)”. The singer’s sweet vocals and touching lyrics meets the producer’s crisp production. The track is out on Soave Records and is accompanied by a beautiful visual shot in New York.

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John Linhart – “Every Time”

French artist John Linhart is readying an album titled It’s On Me. As the first official leak from it, he’s shared the single, “Every Time”. The track was produced by SETH XVI, who also co-write the song with Linhart and Gabby Patrice. “Every Time” is an electro-pop record with a tropical house flavour and swaying melodies.

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Christina Sikora – “know somebody”

18-year-old New Jersey singer Christina Sikora has unveiled a new single and a great video to boot. Named “know somebody”, the song is an 80’s inspired pop tune penned about seeking love while staying aware of the dangers involved. Sikora’s vulnerable delivery adds an emotive edge to to this piece. “know somebody” is an independent release.

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Madison Beer – “BOYSHIT”

Madison Beer is a woman and, as such, doesn’t speak “BOYSHIT”. At least , that’s her sentiment in her newest single. The pop phenomenon explains, “It’s simply about knowing your worth and when to leave a situation. With the play on ‘bullshit’ I figured it was the perfect time to use the age old saying about an immature or disrespectful boyfriend, ‘he’s not a man, he’s a boy,’ but it then flourished into more…“. Out now via Epic Records, the release arrives alongside Madison’s Vevo LIFT campaign, which features a performance of this single, along with “Selfish” and a short film on the artist titled Becoming. The artist’s debut album Life Support is scheduled for a February 26 release.

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Daniel Bazán, Jr. – “Te Lo Doy”

Emerging Latin-pop artist Daniel Bazán, Jr. is slowly warming up for stardom. His last single “Mirame” raked in some impressive numbers and, now, with a new single called “Te Lo Doy”, the US-based singer-songwriter, producer and jazz pianist is set to receive even more buzz. Daniel Bazán, Jr. makes music influenced by his Afro-Peruvian roots.

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Lil Noodle x YLA Nowe – “Hazmat”

Philadelphia’s Lil Noodle is sharing his second single on Sony Music. The song is called “Hazmat” and pairs the 19-year-old rapper with YLA Nowe. It’s the follow-up to his major label debut, “Green Eyes”. About this lighthearted new track, Lil Noodle comments, “‘HAZMAT’, which was written and recorded by Yla Howe and me, was actually made at my house. We went to my studio and completely freestyled. It was the first song that Yla and I did, where we literally loaded up a beat we found on YouTube and just punched in lines. No writing was involved at all – we just went verse for verse and tweaked it at the end…

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Kaitlyn Velez – “Email”

Long Island, New York singer-songwriter Kaitlyn Velez has unveiled a new single, “Email”. This is a post-breakup song with a lovely pop flavour. The lyrics describe the artist’s cold detachment towards an ex. 20-year-old Kaitlyn, who is a Berklee College of Music student, has much in store for the fans.

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RIIKI – “Good Times”

New Zealand artist RIIKI is a talent to watch. To introduce you to her captivating world, here is her newest single, “Good Times”. Her powerful voice and great lyrical ability are both highlighted on this rhythmic pop track. The song is moody yet uplifting and was inspired by the events of 2020. RIIKI explains, “…writing this song has and still is helping me through the shit 2020 is thrown and myself and the world, it really feels like my moving on song onto greater and better things. I am hopeful that good changes and times are coming for everyone and myself.

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Lo Boii – “Maybe”

Since the release of their debut single “Floor Seats“, Lo Boii have duo continued to showcase their dynamism. Made up of producer Aalias and singer/songwriter Corey Latif, the outfit makes a unique brand of R&B music. With their sophomore EP in the pipeline, they are sharing the project’s second single, “Maybe — the first was “Save Us”. This soulful new song is so good you’ll have it on repeat.

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AKA Block x Humble the Great – “Menthol”

“Menthol” is a new collaborative track from two artist-producers AKA Block (Netherlands) and Humble the Great (UK). The R&B song has an alluringly laid-back and slow-burning feel. Over the track’s groovy instrumental, the pair paint vivid pictures with their lyrics as they tell tales from their romantic past. “Menthol” is a quite an amazing tune.

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L E A – “Let Me Go”

Emerging singer-songwriter L E A has unveiled a gripping new song called “Let Me Go”. The piano-guided indie-pop ballad finds the artist vulnerably singing about the traumatizing effects of emotional and verbal abuse in a relationship. It shows a dark side of love. For L E A, “Let Me Go” is cathartic release.

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Wilder Gray – “Imprint”

Melodies and emotions are served on Swedish duo Wilder Gray‘s new single, “Imprint”. Moody and reflective, the song is about a relationship nearing its end and one’s realization that the other party has sort of left an ‘imprint’ on them. “Imprint” is the title-track to a 4-song EP which the duo (Teodor Wolgers and Jonathan Lavotha) will be releasing later in February. It follows “Close to My Chest”, the first single off of the upcoming project.

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Suriel Hess – “About Love”

Los Angeles-based Oregon native Suriel Hess has finally dropped his debut EP, Overthinking. The project was preceded by the release of the music video for the title-track,”Overthinking“. Alongside the release is the focus track, “About Love”. Overthinking EP is 6 tracks long and was written about Suriel’s ever-changing battle with learning to love and all the quirks and laughs that come with it.

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Zak Joshua – “You Don’t Love Me Like You Say You Do”

The track “You Don’t Love Me Like You Say You Do” is melody-filled deep-house banger from UK producer Zak Joshua. It’s the maiden release on his new label NEMESIS92. “You Don’t Love Me Like You Say You Do” carries elements of progressive house and is characterized by a slick production. With its affecting vocal, the song evokes a deeply emotional feeling.

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Here’s the full Spotify playlist:

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