New Release Friday: 17 new songs out on September 18th

New Release Friday blog roundup and Spotify playlist is now out on Aipate.

Curtis Lowe x Erika Sirola – “Lost In You”

Burgeoning LA producer Curtis Lowe‘s new single “Lost In You” is a pop-inflected house banger. Co-written with Sam Rosa, the song features Finnish singer Erika Sirola whose pristine and angelic vocal is as grabbing as the track’s electronic melodies. Curtis says on the track, “When the pandemic started, I committed myself to concentrating on the song until it was 100% finished . I was alone in my studio for weeks so I was quite happy to be spending so much time focusing on all the little details. The song is full of hope and optimism, so it feels good to be putting this one out now.

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EWAVE x Nick Double x DJ Huguito x LUX – “Falling for You”

“Falling For You” is a new dance-pop record by Los Angeles electronic producer DJ Huguito. It’s a collaboration with producers EWAVE and Nick Double, who added elements of future house and future bass, respectively. The track carries a rousing vocal by LUX. Altogether, “Falling For You” is love-themed and carries an uplifting vibe.

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GALXARA – “Jealous Of Myself” (Remix by Trevi Moran)

“Jealous Of Myself” by Florida-born, Los Angeles-based artist GALXARA has just received a new remix from Trevi Moran. The original was produced by Warren Felder and released in March, accompanied by a eye-popping visual. This new version sees Trevi adding her a verse — and new flavour — to it.

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Bknott – “Speed Of Light”

Brooklyn artist Bknott has just unveiled his newest single, “Speed Of Light”. He’s accompanied the soulful hip-hop track with a self-directed music video, once again reminding us of his multiple talents. “Speed Of Light” is smooth, vibey and lyrical. The delivery is characterized by Bknott’s eccentric style.

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Otis Junior & Dr. Dundiff – “When It’s Sweet”

Kentucky-based duo of soul singer Otis Junior and hip-hop producer Dr. Dundiff have announced a new project. It is an EP titled Rising With It and one which is to be released on German label Jakarta Records. The first single “When It’s Sweet” is out today and arrives alongside a colourful music video. This one is for the fans of Anderson .Paak or his neo-soul contemporaries.

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Martinas Mixtape – “Same Way”

Martinas Mixtape have dropped their debut EP, Roses on the Moon. The 6-song project completes the 5-member band’s introduction to the industry and includes their debut single, “Old School Love” and new song “Same Way” [highlighted above]. Martinas Mixtape is made up by lead singer Martina, guitarist Edvin, drummer Kalle, bassist Joel and pianist Pontus. Their style is a fusion of soul, jazz, R&B, pop and hip-hop.

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Cindy Zhang – “Coffee”

Cindy Zhang is a singer-songwriter based in the US city of San Francisco. With a style which is a concoction of various genres and flavours, her music is so immersive. Perfectly representing her sound is the single “Coffee”, which has just arrived. The jazz/pop ballad is about the difficulty in falling asleep due to the memory of someone from your past preoccupying your mind. She equates this feeling to drinking coffee late in the evening.

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Afta Hill – “Vibin”

Iranian-Canadian producer and artist Afta Hill is one of the exciting new artists emerging out of Toronto. With the young musician having announced his upcoming album Tehranto, he is today sharing the first single, “Vibin”. This is a catchy alt-R&B track laced with entrancing pop melodies. The song describes the change in young people’s priorities as occasioned by the events of 2020. “Vibin” is a sure bop.

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Kelli-Leigh – “Can’t Get Enough”

“Can’t Get Enough” is a sweet and addictive new song by South London R&B/pop singer-songwriter Kelli-Leigh. It arrives with the artist’s EP of the same title. This new project is 5 tracks long and saw Kelli-Leigh working with Theo Douke and Conner Turner (one half of NVOY duo), who ensure the songwriting and production are polished to perfection. “Can’t Get Enough”, for example, is heavy on electronic and is packed with charming melodies and soulful harmonies. Further, Kelli-leigh’s sultry vocals is backed by her seductive visual performance.

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Le Boeuf x Matt Elle – “If I’m With You”

Copenhagen-based Danish electronic producer Le Boeuf once again links up with Matt Elle for another melodic dance-pop. Named “If I’m With You”, it is released on his own stable, Chuck Records. Le Boeuf’s production is airy and vibrant and infuses a lovely cello solo. In contrast, Matt’s vocals is emotive and adds power to the already thought-provoking verses. “If I’m With You” continues the Scandinavian producer’s rise.

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ORKID – “1morenight”

Stockholm-based Swedish pop artist ORKID has returned with a new song which she’s named “1morenight”. This one captures the 23-year-old singer-songwriter describing one of those relationships where, despite your frustrations, you find it hard to let go. ORKID’s vulnerable delivery makes the song even more relatable. “1morenight” is out on ART:ERY Music Group.

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Me Nd Adam – “Something Better”

Austin, Texas-based alt-pop duo Me Nd Adam have delivered another rhythmic banger. Named “Something Better”, it’s an electronic-rock hybrid. Lyrically, the song is uplifting: a candid portrayal of human struggles. The track was recorded with Doug Schadt and mastered by Chris Athens. It is the third track from the outfit’s forthcoming debut album, American Drip Part I, which is to be released on Las Vegas-based indie label, Handwritten Records.

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Dava – “Papercut”

“Papercut” is the just-released new song from Dava, an exciting pop newcomer who is currently based in Los Angeles. Its release follows up the success of her previous singles, “ASOS” and “Not Right”, and moves her closer to the release of her upcoming EP titled Sticky. “Papercut” is covered in melancholy, a feeling which is the summation of the effects of Dava’s vulnerable lyrics, evocative vocals and the track’s gripping guitar melody.

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Baby FuzZ x LP – “Before Our Time”

Alt-rock musician Baby FuzZ (a.k.a. Sterling Fox) shares a new single “Before Our Time” featuring ‘Lost On You’ singer LP. From the fascinating lyrics to the dramatic switch to chorus, the song retains FuzZ’s eccentric style. “Before Our Time” talks about the danger in rushing into friendship. Baby FuzZ says, “The song is an upbeat affirmation revisiting the relationship as too forward thinking for its own good. It’s a feeling of nostalgia for being too futuristic, which is kind of a paradox.

<<Find Baby FuzZ and LP on Instagram>>

Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar – “Don’t Have To Be”

“Don’t Have To Be” is the newest release from Canadian band Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar. The funky and rootsy soul track, together with its accompanying video, kick-starts the process of releasing a new album for the outfit. The LP is to be titled The Reckless One and will comes as the follow-up to their 2018 record, Run To Me. “Don’t Have To Be” is simply an irresistible dance tune.

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Ludic – “Heart Emoji”

Ludic is an emerging Canadian funk/pop trio from Vancouver, BC. Their sound is a blend of classic grooves with modern pop melodies. Their new single “Heart Emoji” is a funky and upbeat soul-pop jam that transports the listener back to the 70s. With its jazz-driven bass lines, “Heart Emoji” is quite an engaging singalong. Ludic consists of Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Rhett Cunningham and Max Cunningham

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Nothing but a Nightmare – “Midnight Trip”

Pop/rock band Nothing but a Nightmare‘s new album Kleptomania is finally out. The self-released LP is 11 tracks long. One of the songs included in it is “Midnight Trip”, a fun and playful alt-R&B jam about enjoying the city nightlife.

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