HARE unveil new single "Better Off"

US indie band HARE has, over the past months, undergone some significant changes. Now reduced to a duo of singer/songwriter Seb Isaac and producer Chris Morris, they are returning with a fresh new style that blurs genre boundaries.

Their infectious new single “Better Off” effectively illustrates their artful blend of indie-rock, pop and electronica. The song is about ’embracing the shadow of your light in order to find true wholeness’ and it sounds magnificent.

“As a band we’re fortunate enough to be chasing our dreams, but we all have our low moments, at times wondering what we’re doing with our lives. That’s life & it’s unavoidable; it’s all a balance of embracing both the good & the bad, the light & darkness, good & evil, yin & yang. etc. It’ll never be perfect all the time. I spent most of my life wanting only excess & happiness, but that’s not reality. It took a while for me to see that, but once Chris & I started writing this song the lyrics sort of just became about that, & I’m glad it did.”

Seb Isaac

HARE’s last record was the EP First Impressions — it arrived before the restructuring. As the followup to “Better Off”, a series of singles have been lined for release in the coming months.

To get more about the duo, get them on Instagram.

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