Listen: Sasha Barbot -“Old Soul with a New Pair of Shoes”

Not quite often do you encounter a song that engages your mind as much as it delights you musically. “Old Soul with a New Pair of Shoes” by Italian musician Sasha Barbot is one such piece. Sitting at the intersection of blues and folk, it is accompanied by a surely mesmerising vocal delivery. Lyrically, it offers something to ponder about.

“Lyrics of ‘Old Soul With a New Pair of Shoes’ are about the constant renewal/change that we experience day after day, therefore the soul becomes older, wise in a positive sense because the experience increases walking step by step but we need ‘new pair of shoes’ which is a metaphor of new goals and the ability to fight, grow, change while remaining faithful to one’s nature/soul, without ever betraying it. Never sell your soul”

Sasha Barbot


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