R&B music roundup: 6 jams you need in your life right now

Taynã x Pedro Ivo Frota – “Cry for America”

Rio de Janeiro-based singer/songwriter Taynã recently did collaborate with fellow Brazilian composer Pedro Ivo Frota for a powerful R&B/Soul jam they named “Cry for America”. Covered in lo-fi electronic production, the song sounds so moving. The musicians’ unrestrained creativity take centre stage as Pedro’s piano driven tune is harmoniously accompanied by Taynã’s Gospel-influenced stirring vocals.

Dylan Bernard – “It Ain’t Up To Me”

“It Ain’t Up To Me” is Dylan Bernard‘s Keaton Stromberg-produced new song. The follow-up to his successful single “Higher”, it is another one that the fans will surely love. The track has a slow-burning sound that combines electric guitar and trumpet melodies with modern R&B production. Dylan’s velvety vocals glides smoothly over the instrumentation, with the overall result being such an addictive piece.

Kayla Rae – “Off My Mind”

For the fans of Kayla Rae‘s music, every new release is a call for celebration. The Denver, Colorado-based R&B songstress has dropped another and it’s unsurprisingly beautiful. “Off My Mind” was recorded in Los Angeles last summer but, the current situation and all, she feels the moment is ripe for its release. The song, like last year’s “All Love“, blends elements of trap production. Still, it’s chill and melodious.

Ulrik Munther – “Man In Need”

Side-by-side a Simeon Frohm-directed visual, Swedish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ulrik Munther‘s new single “Man In Need” comes with the attention it deserves. The soulful piano ballad narrates the ups and downs of a romantic relationship and the commitment needed to keep it going. Ulrik sounds so inspired in the song and it is no surprise he wrote it from his own experiences with his girlfriend. “Man In Need” precedes the singer’s forthcoming album.

Cherry-Ilex x Shaunté Daurice – “Dreaming”

With every song that Long Beach, California-based producer Cherry-Ilex creates, the listener gets elevated to a warm soundsphere of pleasurable pulses. His new piece “Dreaming”, which features singer Shaunté Daurice, doesn’t miss the mark either. It is a soulful R&B record with electronic beats, swaying melodies and a groovy bass. It’s impressive how Shaunté’s soaring and undulating vocals fills up the track.

Philly Billy x TC – “Falling From Grace”

Norwegian producer Philly Billy teamed up with US songwriter and vocalist Tiyon Christian (also known as TC) for this new tune, “Falling From Grace”. A lovely blend of melodic Scandinavian pop and rhythmic R&B, the song is both catchy and gripping. The emotive lyrics, expressed through TC’s vulnerable vocals, describes the sad realization that the most committed partner in a relationship has given up on it, and now the other feels nothing but regrets. For some, “From Grace” will be a necessary eye opener.

Hope you enjoy each of our picks!

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