Listen to “Matador” by London-based Afrobeat band Joro

Jazzy, groovy yet thought-provoking, that’s perhaps the most befitting description for “Matador”, a song by London-based Afrobeat band Joro. Written as a protest song, it was inspired by the calamitous Grenfell Tower fire incident. The song criticizes the indifference with which the ruling class usually deals with emergency issues affecting the citizens.

The lush soundscape of “Matador” meets the urgent delivery by lead singer Fi Harvey and the result is a vibrant tune with concious lyrics. The record is part of Joro’s forthcoming live EP recorded at the New River Studios (by producer Thomas Streamer). Watch the performance of “Matador” above even as you stay on the lookout for the EP’s arrival on digital platforms.

Joro comprises musicians Fi Harvey (vocals), Deanna Wilhelm (trumpet), Alex Shaw (alto saxophone), Jason Alder (baritone saxophone), David Gyamfi (keys), Nathan Pigott (tenor saxophone), Will Earl (guitar), Christie Grinham (bass), Dom Parris (percussion) and Mike Perry (drums). The band was formed in 2016 and released their debut EP that same year.

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