Pop music roundup: 8 new songs from Europe

This week’s pop music roundup narrows down into Europe. Listen to these eight awesome songs by artists from Denmark, UK, Romania, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland and Sweden.

Aris – “Tumblin’ Down”

Romanian electronic/pop artist Aris has, over the past few years, built a reputation within the scene. Her latest release is the single “Tumblin’ Down”, a house-influenced, dance-pop crossover track. The song’s emotional lyrics are made inescapable by the singer’s powerful voice and arresting melodies. “Tumblin’ Down” is for the avid electropop fan.

Dagny – Somebody

Norwegian pop songstress Dagny announced that her debut album arrives this September. However, what’s more interesting is that the project is divided into two parts, with the first (‘Side A’, if you will) expected to be available on May 22. One of the 6 songs on it is the newly released single, “Somebody”. The lively and infectious romance-driven song is accompanied by a great video directed by Tusk.

Honas – “Wicker Blanket”

Having spent a great deal of last year recording his debut album, Berlin-based Irish singer-songwriter Honas can finally share the first single -– actually, his first ever release. Titled “Wicker Blanket”, the indie-pop song is dominated by gripping guitar melodies. Honas’ warm vocals adds power to the lyrics; the song contrasts the feelings of ambition and comfort and the musician says he penned it while faced with the uncertainties of the early-twenties. ” …it deals with the idea of comfort, and how comfort can be all we long for, but too much can end up becoming frustrating and restrictive,” Honas explains.

dezabel – “Tattooed”

As you already know, dezabel is a Swiss songwriter and producer from Zurich. The Berklee College Of Music alumnus is back with another beautiful pop song which he has named “Tattooed”. Featuring an emotive and soaring vocal, it delves into love and loss – the song is a heart-rending tribute to dezabel’s late parents. The layers of piano chords which drive the track give it a gripping edge.

Grace Davis – “Amsterdam”

With her new song “Amsterdam”, young British composer, pianist and singer-songwriter Grace Davies takes an interesting approach to relationship jealousy. Using ‘Amsterdam’ to symbolize a beautiful woman whom she sees as a competitor, the 23-year-old creates a soulful ballad that you’ll find so refreshing. It’s more of an attempt to convince the other woman not ‘take him away from me’. Besides, the enthralling lyrics, we are amazed by Grace’s lovely voice. The track is out via Sony Music’s The Orchard.

Femme46 – “Line Up”

From its danceable grooves to the soulful chorus, “Line Up” is a gorgeously stylish piece. The track is the latest from new Swedish girl-group Femme46. The track carries a noticeably pronounced bass and immersive melodies. It represents the group’s new sound. “Line Up” is the first single from Femme46’s planned debut album (due later this year) .

Katlah – “Spell”

Katlah is a pop newcomer from Denmark. Returning with her second single (named “Spell”), the artist gets to enforce her infectious attitude. “Spell” is a catchy pop song that regales the listener with a tale of a forbidden attraction. It is candid and kinda typical of modern relationships. The production employs enchanting melodies to support the lyrics. The pink themed music video that accompanies “Spell” is also quite befitting.

Lidia Buble x Jay Malin x Costi – “La Luna”

Lidia Buble‘s new single “La Luna” features fellow Romanian artist Costi and Cuba’s Jay Malin. Sung in Spanish, it’s a Latin-influenced pop tune with a lovely singalong vibe. Each one of the artists deliver strongly, adding their own energy to the track. “La Luna” comes alongside a flossy video directed by Alex Ceausu.

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