R&B/Soul music roundup: 6 songs to listen to

SAYGRACE – “Violent Crimes”

Emerging Australian R&B/soul singer SAYGRACE has shared the video for her Vevo live performance of the song “Violent Crimes”. The acoustic backdrop allows the 23-year-old to flex her impressive vocal range. “Violent Crimes” is a powerful song which oozes raw honesty. It finds her drawing from her own experiences to highlight women’s perspectives on relationship.

Matt Storm & The Raindrops – “Don’t Even Know”

“Don’t Even Know”, a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Matt Storm and his band The Raindrops, is a full dose of soulful R&B. The song was recorded at Electric Maple Tree Studio and the live play video filmed by Tyler Holm. Its jazz and hip-hop flavored instrumentation sits well with Matt’s velvety vocals. “Don’t Even Know” has become a fans’ favourite for a good reason.

Greta Lovisa – “7am”

“7am” is a mournful new piece that up-and-coming Swedish/German artist Greta Lovisa wrote about walking away from a toxic relationship. The 20-year-old London-based singer-songwriter is so gifted and the song leaves us fascinated by her strong soulful voice. “7am” finds her in a sad, vulnerable position but still, she manages to stay decisive: moving on from the tormenting experience. It’s a classic breakup song but Greta adds a personal touch that will leave you speechless.

Lou Berry x Eylia – “Mary’s Lies”

Paris-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lou Berry‘s new single “Mary’s Lies” features fellow French artist Eylia. The two musicians complement each other over a jazzy soulful track that Lou produced himself. “Mary’s Lies” is so heartfelt and Lou says it is ‘a song about addiction. It tells the story of a man who smokes weed to join an ex-lover in a delusional world created by vapour trails and hallucination…‘. The is out via French label Le Sofa.

Just Nell – “Legit”

Jamaican-born, US-based artist Just Nell recently dropped a 4-song EP titled Just 4 Now. Aipate is highlighting one of the tracks, “Legit”. It is a chill and relaxing tune which combines hip-hop rhythms sand soulful melodies. The rhyme in the verses is awesome and Nell’s laid-back hook makes the song very catchy.

Latir – “Juvenile Forever”

UNTIL FOREVER is a new EP by London singer-songwriter Latir. The project includes previously released singles “Blue Roses ” and “Wallflower”, and a new one, “Juvenile Forever”. Carefully crafted, “Juvenile Forever” is purposed as the second part of Latir’s 2017 song “Juvenile Youth”. Laced with a lovely melody and captivating beat, the song gets us to appreciate the musician’s unique style.

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