New Release Friday: 10 new songs out now

From electronic to indie to folk to hip-hop, our New Release Friday roundup is quite refreshing.

itscanturan – “sorry”

itscaturan is the moniker for Istanbul-based Turkish electronic producer Can Turan and “sorry”, which is out today, is his latest release. An electropop record founded on house music, the record is so good. The vocal injection meets the track’s synths and gripping melodies and the result is music that provides a full experience.

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Johny Holiday x Rootwords – “Run”

Swiss hip-hop DJ/producer Johny Holiday recently paired with rapper Rootwords for this hard-hitting record titled “Run”. The producer created a great boombap beat that befits the rapper’s delivery. Rootwords’ lyricism is well crafted and he puts stress on each syllable of his rap. He’s a proper emcee and Johny, a master of sound.

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OhFrank – “Schizophrenic”

Who doesn’t like a strong debut? I mean, the pleasure of listening to a new artist and the thrillsome anticipation for their next releases. That’s the feeling evoked by Swedish/British duo OhFrank‘s first single, “Schizophrenic”. The melody-laden piano-guided electronic/pop tune is something of a beauty. The powerful vocals and emotive lyrics complements the multi-layered production to give “Schizophrenic” a dexterous touch.

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KiUi x Geek Boy x Pau – “Red Eye”

From their past 3 collaborative releases, we already recognized Japan’s KiUi and UK’s Geek Boy as a dynamic duo. But after bringing on board LA-based vocalist Paulina Cerilla (or simply Pau) for “Speechless Emotion” (which also featured Jamaica’s Richie Loop), the three decided to repeat the magic with another one named “Red Eye”. The fun and party-friendly song blends elements of Future bass, nu-disco and pop.

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Sarpa Salpa – “Forwards Backwards”

Sarpa Salpa, who are a 5-piece alt. pop band from Northampton, UK, are returning with a new single. “Forwards Backwards” follows up from the rollout of their EP, Say Something. The new song continues in their energetic rock-influenced style. Soaring vocals, ringing melodies and blasting drums make each Sarpa Salpa song an anthem.

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Brett Castro – “Eden”

There are songs that grow on you over time, then there are those that hit you immediately. “Eden” by Brooklyn-based singer Brett Castro is such an instantly bewitching song. A great mix of soulful vocals and pop melodies, it is an irresistible singalong. “Eden” carries powerful lyrics which Brett delivers in a heartfelt fashion. This track, together with “Used To You”, constitute the artist’s new EP, a/B: vol I.

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Anjulie – “FUYL”

“FUYL” by Toronto-based artist Anjulie is out today. It is her first release of the year and also serves as the first single from her upcoming album Loveless Metropolis. Produced by French Braids and Peter Fenn, the track showcases Anjulie’s great voice. “FUYL” describes the kind of concern that you could end up messing up someone’s life because of your past horrible relationship experiences.

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Kane Miller – “Something New”

Canadian singer-songwriter Kane Miller is sharing another great song. “Something New” is a piece he wrote while in isolation. It is a delightful uptempo track that talks of a rebirth. “Something New” will surely lift up your spirit. The record is released on Nashville producer Femke’s label, LV Music.

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Benjamin Marshall – “Alone Out at Sea”

American singer-songwriter Benjamin Marshall is out again with a new song, “Alone Out at Sea”. The writing is a reminder of how important companionship is. With many people currently coping with solitude, this song is particularly relatable. Musically, it is a marriage of folk and indie-pop.

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Elina – “Blue”

Words would be insufficient to aptly describe how beautiful Elina‘s new song “Blue” is. For now, let’s just call it ‘breathtaking’. In any case, every release from the Swedish singer-songwriter gets us raving about her songwriting and vocal talents. “Blue” is so moving that it could reignite some old emotions.

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