New Release Friday: 15 new songs out on May 22nd

This week’s roundup of new releases includes 15 great songs spanning multiple genres.

Dana Williams – “underwater”

Los Angeles soul-fusion singer-songwriter Dana Williams has today unveiled a new single “underwater”. The song which she wrote with producer Jordan Waré and L.3.G.I.O.N. talks about modern love, the need to know someone better and the worrying feeling that time is running out. For those who have been listening to Dana, they know that she has a thing for vulnerable songwriting.

Dancing On Tables – “Losing It”

Pop/rock fans should love this new piece from Dancing On Tables, a 5-piece band hailing from Dunfermline, Scotland. The energy-filled song is accompanied by a brilliant video which is a compilation of fan-made clips. It is very catchy and will get you singing and dancing along. “Losing It” is lifted from the outfit’s upcoming EP which due this summer.

Sophiegrophy – “Shake”

Australian rapper Sophiegrophy has a new club banger. Titled “Shake”, it is a hybrid of trap and dance music. The track is part of her debut EP, BOLD, which arrived today. “Shake”, and the entire EP, was produced by Jia Lih.

Mathew V – “Don’t Let Me Go”

22-year-old Canadian artist Mathew V has just dropped a new single, “Don’t Let Me Go”. Written alongside Ryan Worsley, it is a bold pop anthem. 

Grace Weber x Masego – “Crazy To Hope”

Grammy-winning artist Grace Weber has released a new EP she calls How Did We Get Here. “Crazy To Hope”, which features Masego on his saxophone, is one of the tracks on the project. The soulful R&B tune captures the LA-based singer-songwriter juxtaposing the excitement and uncertainty of a new love affair. “Crazy To Hope” is a beautifully weaved piece worth every listen.

Crash Adams – “Too Hot To Touch”

Emerging Canadian duo Crash Adams (made up of Adams and Crash) have a new song that dropped today. “Too Hot To Touch” is melodic, catchy and exuberant. It’s a great way to get introduced to the Toronto-based artists. Adams and Crash write, sing, produce, mix and master all of their music.

Lorreta – “Mood”

Here is “Mood” by Durban-based South African R&B vocalist Lorreta. Featuring Zanda Zajuza, it reimagines 2 Pac’s classic hit “Do For Love”. The song is taken from the artist’s debut EP Gone Too Long.

Cinzia & The Eclipse – “Don’t Call Me Up”

“Don’t Call Me Up” is a new ballad by Cinzia & The Eclipse. It’s an electro-pop song with overwhelmingly emotional and vulnerable lyrics. The song addresses a manipulative ex-lover whom the singer has moved on from. Cinzia’s voice oozes gripping honesty as she gets us to relate.

Tom Boy – “Long Way Home”

Singer Nate Daniels and guitarist Dante Berardi Jr., who make music together as Tom Boy, are back with a new single, “Long Way Home”. It is a hooky song that carries the Toronto-based Canadian indie-pop duo’s signature melodies. As per their style, the track’s instrumentation borrows heavily from indie rock.

Moyka – “Violet”

Norwegian pop songstress Moyka will soon be releasing an EP to be titled Spaces. Today, she has unveiled the single” Violet”. This is an electro-pop tune with powerful lyrics. “It’s just emotion,” Moyka reflects. “And it’s okay to still have good feelings about someone – good energy and emotion. It’s an energetic, but sad love song perfect for both parties/alone time.

Kai Straw – “Imagination”

“Imagination” is a song that Kai Straw wrote about a long distance relationship. The James The Bear-produced track is lifted from his ongoing project Through The Dark There Screamed a Guillotine as I Fed It Those I Love. It is a smooth, downtempo and lyrically gripping piece.

SHY Martin – “Nobody Likes Moving On”

Swedish singer/songwriter SHY Martin has unveiled a brand new single which she’s called “Nobody Likes Moving On”. It is the latest release in the rollout of her forthcoming EP. Martin’s voice and songwriting both take starring roles as she delivers this emotional piece.

KVPV x Lloyd P-White – “Laced”

Belarusian DJ and producer KVPV recently linked up with Swiss-based artist Lloyd P-White for the exciting new jam, “Laced”. The house track infuses elements of hip-hop, with the rapper dropping some bars over an engaging dance tune.

Bassette x SPR – “The Fall”

Bermuda-born London-based R&B newcomer Bassett has all it takes to be among the best. Her strong voice and relatable songwriting are a breath of fresh air. “The Fall”, which is her newest single, is a beautiful song that underscores her potential.

Adam Agin – “Carry You Home”

Adam Agin has a new single “Carry You Home”. It’s an alternative pop song with uplifting lyrics. According to the musician, it ‘is about being there for someone who is going through depression and anxiety and wanting to help them get through it. Being their support when they are in the tough times.

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