With her latest single, Anuka presents a “Blank Canvas”

A breakup shouldn’t necessarily lead to a future of endless bitterness. Things might not work as one hoped they would but time has the potential to heal and even get one to wish their ex the best of fortunes. That is a resolve that Dutch singer/songwriter Anuka apparently made and it defines her latest single “Blank Canvas”, a heartbreaking piece with a hint of positivity. “Let the intensity of pain be a reminder of how gratefulness and prosperity can have a similar effect. Pure bliss isn’t getting rid of pain or to never feel it again, but more so to find relief in knowing it’s all part of this life experience,” she notes.

Strings and piano chords dominates the gripping melody that accompanied the emotional composition. Anuka wrote the song herself and then worked with producers Wannes Salomé and Zes, both of whom are her personal friends.

“Blank Canvas” is a R&B piece with a singer-songwriter’s touch. It arrives as the follow-up to the track, “Lose You”.

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