Hear Stella Angelika in “Take Me Home”

Stella Angelika recently committed to a series of songs that blend R&B and classical music. The third installment in that series is now out. Named “Take Me Home”, the song finds the North London-based singer-songwriter crafting a poignant piece about her experiences with depression. This is the topic that dominated her previous single, “Little Serenade”.

About the new song, Stella says that, “It’s about a state I used to get to a lot where I would feel completely empty and numb. Like I had nothing more to give, where even talking or smiling was an effort and I’d almost be in a trance, just staring. I would get this a lot coming home from gigs, where I felt like I’d given everything and just had nothing left. It’s a song about needing someone else to carry you, to be your strength because you have none. To take you back home, literally and metaphorically.

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