The Savants of Soul share “More Than One To Choose From”; listen

Gainesville, Florida-based retro-soul and blues band The Savants of Soul are getting ready to release their self-titled album on September 18. In creating the LP, the outfit’s nine members huddled inside the highly regarded FAME Studios and recorded it in a space of 10 days under the stewardship of producer Vince Chiarito and engineer John Gifford III.

One of the products of the sessions is the song “More Than One To Choose From” which they’ve since released. It’s a beautiful piece with rich instrumentation, gripping lyrics and haunting vocals and, in essence, an exemplification of the band’s blues-soul fusion.

The Savants of Soul consists of John Gray Shermyen (Bass), Justin McKenzie (vocals), Will Campbell (guitar), Zack Emerson (keyboards), Mandy Ferwerda (trumpet, vocals), Jacob Armstrong (trombone), Jordan Jones (tenor saxophone), Ray Vigil (baritone sax) and Benny Cannon (drums).


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