Here is Reggie Bank’s debut EP, Love at the Pass

It is not so long ago that Reggie Banks shared his Tashka-assisted debut single, “Hold On Me”. The Sydney-based Australian producer then followed it up with the song “Steady” (highlighted above), which featured Brisbane’s Keelan Mak. Now, his debut EP, Love at the Pass is out.

Talking of “Steady”, it’s a soulful R&B/pop tune with with quite a quirky bassline. Behind the groovy instrumentation, however, is emotive lyrics delivered vulnerably. Both Reggie and Keelan admit the song is so personal and cathartic to them.

Reggie Banks says it “was written during a lull in creativity. I finally had one of those cathartic moments where I wrote a pretty wonky and dark bass line, which must have resonated with me because the beat came so naturally afterwards. I used heaps of foley sounds, such as kitchen utensils being used, to give the beat that extra layer of originality. When Keelan jumped on, he took the song to a whole other world.

Keelan Mak adds, “Steady came from a place of hopelessness where I was tied to someone on the other side of the world. I couldn’t be there for them and the relationship felt fragile. ‘Steady’ became a form of strength for me where I could tell them I’d be there if they needed me.”

Listen to the other songs:

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