Elsa Birgitta Bekman reveals creative new video, “On My Way”

Multi-talented Dutch indie-pop artist Elsa Birgitta Bekman has released another magnificent song she’s named “On My Way”. And like we’ve already come to expect of her releases, the video that accompanies it is equally artistic. Self-directed, its concept involves behind-the-scenes footage being included in the official video.

This visual style befits the song lyrics which paint life as an adventurous, coming-of-age journey. The clip gives us glimpses of the singer-songwriter and video director’s daily routine for the last few years.

… written ‘On My Way’ during my teenage years. It’s sort of an analysis of the journey of life in which I contemplate several aspects of it: love, mortality, social behaviour and personal development… How love is of importance, but is also something that can be lost; how life can be long, but for some is cut short; how sometimes we say or do things that hurt ourselves or the people around us which we’ll later regret. We’re living our lives, experiencing things, making mistakes and hopefully learning from them before eventually moving on. It’s all about being ‘on your way’ to becoming a wiser version of yourself.

Elsa Birgitta Bekman

Listen/watch “On My Way” and immerse yourself in Elsa’s creative world. The song is out on V2 Records Benelux.

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