New Release Friday: 16 new songs out on September 4th

Your weekly New Release Friday roundup (and playlist) is out!

Verbz & Mr Slipz – “2202 FM”

UK rapper/producer duo Verbz & Mr Slipz have just announced their forthcoming new album Radio Waves. The LP will arrive on the highly regarded label High Focus Records. Alongside the amazing news, the outfit has also shared a new single and video, “2202 FM”. On it, Verbz’s unreal flow sits well next to Mr Slipz’s clean boombap production. “2202 FM” brings hip-hop’s legacy era to the present.

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Yakul – “In The Air”

“In The Air” is a fresh new jam from UK neo-soul band Yakul. For those who are hearing about the Brighton-based 4-piece for the first time, this song offers a great introduction. Dominated by lovely bass lines and great chord progression, “In The Air” is musically rich and underscores the members’ live-performance background. Equally profound is the lyrics; the song delves into compromises made in balancing time for creating art and pursuing a personal life. Yakul consists of James Berkeley (vocals & keys), Tom Caldwell Nichols (bass), Sam Hughes (drums) and Leo Utton (guitar).

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hoosh – “Missed Takes”

Sudanese-born, Miami-based artist hoosh is an incredible writer. This is perfectly shown in his new single, “Missed Takes”. The emotionally griping song finds the talented vocalist ruing about missed chances. He reveals that, “‘Missed Takes’ (mistakes) is about the first girl I truly considered slowing down for. As I battled the idea of commitment, she slipped from my reach. If I could say something to her now it would be sorry. Sorry I wasn’t ready for you and sorry I thought the world of you and didn’t show it. Just know through it all, ‘I wish you the best’“. The R&B-inflected pop track was produced, mixed and mastered by Stevie Marcs.

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PRIZM – “Lose You”

As they’d promised, Dallas-based synthwave duo PRIZM have unveiled their debut album, All Night. The 12-track LP arrives via the label FiXT Neon and finds Danni and Krisluv paying tribute to the 80s and 90s with freshly sounding retro-pop songs. Among the vibrant and alluring party anthems are the singles “Can’t Bring Me Down” and “Lose You” (the one being highlighted). Listen to the album here.

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We Are Gold x Tomi Saario – “Coconut Water”

French production duo We Are Gold have teamed up with Finnish pop singer Tomi Saario for a feel-good tropical jam, “Coconut Water”. Built around an enthralling melody sampled from Spandau Ballet’s hit “True”, the track is brilliantly completed into a great dance-pop tune. Infused into track are elements of R&B and tropical house. We Are Gold is made up of Paris-based producers David Goldcher and Rémi Fontaine-Berger and was formed in 2017 after the duo’s trip to Los Angeles.

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Erik Frank – “Turbo”

Erik Frank‘s latest release “Turbo” is a Latin-pop tune. It’s a fun song with great vocals. A lovely trumpet added to the instrumentation gives “Turbo” a more unique vibe. The artist was raised in the Romanian countryside but his journey has taken him to different countries. He’s currently making music based in the US.

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Sainte Barbe x Ladysmith Black Mambazo – “Rainforest”

“Rainforest” is a new song from French producer Sainte Barbe. It features Grammy-winning South African group Ladysmith Black Mambazo, who grace the groovy deep-house track with their beautiful vocals and harmonies. There is addition of layers of gripping piano and guitar melodies which make the song more captivating. “Rainforest” is an enjoyable tune.

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Cait – “Forgetful”

LA-based singer-songwriter Cait has returned with “Forgetful”, her second single of the year. The song comes in the heels of her previous effort, “Stay In”. On it, Cait gets confessional as she sings about the random stress-relieving calls with her partner. “This song is really about being able to call that person in your life who brings you out of your depths – a partner, a friend, a family member. Everyone needs someone to make them forgetful,” she explains. Equally heartwarming is her affecting vocals which come alive next to the colourful guitars. “Forgetful” is a beautiful indie-pop piece.

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Harrison Storm – “Sea and Fire”

Ahead of his 5-track forthcoming EP (due December 4) titled Be Slow, Australian indie-folk singer-songwriter Harrison Storm is sharing a new single, “Sea and Fire”. This is yet another singalong from the Melbourne native. Like most of the artist’s compositions, “Sea and Fire” is tender, heartfelt and was born out of deep introspection. “When I listen to the song I’m vividly transported back to the time and space I was in where it was created – a cluttered room with a desk, surrounded by boxes containing things not used, in a time in my life where it felt like two very opposing forces were battling inside me. This is a song about wanting to wake up from a circumstance that feels like a dream. One of those moments you find yourself in that just doesn’t seem real,” says Harrison.

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Apache Rose – “On my watch”

Russian breakout band Apache Rose are back with another indie-rock anthem. Named “On my watch”, the song talks about experiencing growth. That transition is reflected on the track, whose instrumentation goes from blasting to mellow and soulful. “On my watch” sounds fresh and returns our attention to the band which we first covered in February 2020.

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Haha Charade – “Old Friend”

We all have that one friendship which has, for one reason or another, lost its spark over time. Such was the inspiration behind “Old Friend”, a nostalgic new song by US alt-rock band Haha Charade. With a catchy chorus, relatable lyrics, hooky guitars and an awesome bass solo, the track sounds fun and invigorating. It is, as a matter of fact, the title-track of the 4-piece outfit’s just released new EP.

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Birch – “Second Guessing”

Leeds-native EDM/house producer Birch (birth-name Lewis Evers) is not only adept at crafting infectious melodies, but he’s also good at picking the right vocals for his tracks. Although we’d already established this with the UK artist’s previous releases like “Come To Life“, his newest single “Second Guessing” is another testament of his great skills. The catchy song carries tantalizing vocal chops that complements its great energy.

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Goss – “Everybody’s Going”

The initiation of emerging Danish left-pop artist Goss into the mainstream is well on course. The MO and Mura Masa collaborator is debuting his newest single, “Everybody’s Going”. This is a folk-pop infused song which is more like an anthem for the introverted. Released on Virgin Records, the song is accompanied by an eccentric music video filmed by Kristian Kirk and André Hansen.

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Groundstroem – “Ain’t Got A Prayer”

“Ain’t Got A prayer” is Stockholm-based singer Groundstroem‘s latest offering. The electro-pop song balances a lighthearted instrumentation with heartfelt lyrics. About it, the Swedish singer says, “The song describes a relationship where both parties know it won’t be able to last. It’s about when you’re both trying to chase the feeling you had back at the beginning of the relationship but know it’s never going to come back. You’ve tried to change things for the better but the more you try, the worse it gets; yet it’s still more painful to let go and move on. The phrase “we ain’t got a prayer” alludes to the chance you have of finding that feeling, no matter how hard you try.” Out on Sailor Music, “Ain’t Got A Prayer” is distributed by The Orchard.

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Hugo Valentine – “Rule The World”

London-based singer-songwriter and pianist Hugo Valentine has shared the song “Rule The World”. The first in a series of releases expected from the musician, this song utilizes his smooth and husky vocals. While it is a vibrant pop tune, the lyrics is heartfelt. “‘Rule the world’ is a song about a close friend of Hugo’s who has been suffering from addiction. It’s
an appeal to him to fight to regain his love of life and to find joy in positive things. It is difficult to
witness the desperation and destruction that addiction causes but in writing ‘Rule The World’
Hugo seeks to sum up both pain and hope, aiming to uplift the listener and bring light to the darkness

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Sheldon Hunt – “Here To Stay”

Toronto-based singer/songwriter Sheldon Hunt has shared a new song, “Here To Stay”. The bluesy and soulful track is the first single off of his debut EP Separate Days, which is expected later in the year. The project was produced by Paul Phelan and includes songs inspired by his separation from a longtime partner.

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