Curtis Lowe debuts with “Breaking Me” feat. Naomi Wild

“Breaking Me” goes into the register as the first single from New York City producer, Curtis Lowe. The song features singer Naomi Wild, whose velvety vocals complements the track’s melodic and groovy tune. With quite an addictive deep house sound, the record is quite warm and a possible anthem. 

Curtis’ upcoming debut EP, Sad Bangers Vol. 1 is due on January 18th via Spotify Direct. The project features collaborations from Ben Duffy, James King and, of course, Naomi Wild. Curtis Lowe is the new moniker for Conor Cook, who’s also a member of VHS Collection trio. About the project, he says:

This is a project about collaborations more than anything. I’ve been writing songs with some great musicians and friends over the last year and am excited to begin releasing music under Curtis Lowe. The songwriting happened in a variety of sessions in NYC and LA, but most of the production was done alone in my apartment in Brooklyn. I drew a lot of the inspiration for the sonics of the project from 90’s House / Chicago House music, married with modern production elements, and darker songwriting themes. Organic instrumental performances are an important part of these songs as well (there’s guitar or sax on every track on the EP), as are hardware synths. A Juno 106, SH101, Prophet, and Moog are all in the mix and help to give the tracks character and weight. Breaking Me has all the core elements that this project is about and the vocals from Naomi Wild felt really special right from the start. Like most tracks I work on, seventy five percent of the song was written in a couple of hours, but it took several months of tinkering with arrangements, sounds, and mixing to get it all to really work. I’m looking forward to releasing a lot more music that sounds like this in 2019.” 



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