Watch Kate Lynn in the video for “Professional”

Kate Lynn is one artist artist you need to learn about. The emerging pop singer-songwriter only started releasing music in 2019 but has go ahead to capture the attention of keen fans and taste-makers with her songs.

“Professional” is the 22-year-old’s latest effort — and her fourth official single. Accompanied by a Jacqueline Day-directed visual, the piano-guided song is so evocative. Co-written by Kate and Daniella Mason, it tells a story of gripping love and self-preservation.

‘Professional’ is very close to my heart. I knew my first video had to be for this song. It’s such a personal song for me, but I’m so glad I opened myself up and laid it all out there. Hopefully, people watch this video and hear this song and walk away with some sort of freedom. I’m so proud of this video and this track.


Keep up with Kate Lynn on Instagram.


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