As Mr. Gnome near the release of their new album, hear the duo’s songs “Be Here Now” and “Golden Daze”

It’s only a few days before Cleveland art-rock duo Mr. Gnome drop their post-hiatus LP titled The Day You Flew Away. The double-album is due this coming Friday, October 6, via El Marko Records. Its first single “Psychonaut” was released on July 24, with the next two singles “Gold Edges” and “Golden Daze” arriving back-to-back. This weekend, the husband-wife duo shared the last single “Be Here Now” (see the track highlighted above).

All these songs have different flavours, with the only constant aspect being Mr. Gnome’s unique style. Thematically, the project plays with contrasting themes of light and dark, birth and death and the outfit has had to be on their creative best to effectively convey their message while also making the album sonically captivating.

We can’t wait to hear The Day You Flew Away in its entirety.

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