Listen to “Queen Of Infinite Space” by Blakk Mantra

Utopian rock duo Blakk Mantra from Denver, Colorado, released their new breezy mix of emotions, guitars, and heavy drums. The rock anthem, “Queen Of Infinite Space,” inspired by tunes from bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Foals, is a vivid outburst of power and energy. The single is so perfect with all its details that it seems like Blakk Mantra crafted it with a magnifying glass.

“Queen Of Infinite Space” tells the story of a surreal paradise, the kingdom of El Rey, inspired from a 50’s crime novel. The tale is majestic, surreal, and utopian yet empowering and hopeful. It delivers the message of unity in the name of love and as a tool of survival in a harsh reality. 

The artists created a surreal world of their own with a fuzzed-out bassline, groovy feel-good tunes here and there, heart-pumping melodies unique to utopian rock anthems accompanied with radio-ready heavy-hitting sounds. With their uniquely detailed approach to sound design and vocal performances, Blakk Mantra crafted the effectively psyched, captivating, and distorted in a weirdly curious way “Queen Of Infinite Space.” The single is the epitome of what you can expect from their new fascinating EP Welcome To El Rey Blvd. 

The utopian masterpiece is full of lyricism to the level of top-notch poetry. It is crème de la crème of mesmerizing innovation in the genre as old as the history of electric guitars. 


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