New Release Friday: 19 new songs out on October 23rd

This week’s New Release Friday roundup & playlist includes 19 songs spread across various genres.

Dafina Zeqiri – “Zili Zili”

Dafina Zeqiri is bringing sweet mayhem with her new tune “Zili Zili”, a rap/pop anthem. Catchy, energetic and full of attitude, the track infuses Eastern European melodies into a trap instrumentation. “Zili Zili” delivered in Albanian and English and lyrically, it hits out at those artists who are hating on others who are more successful. 31-year-old Dafina is a Swedish-based, Kosovan-Albanian singer-songwriter and superstar.

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Snotty Nose Rez Kids x Drezus – “Where They At”

Canadian rap duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids once again link up with Drezus for another big tune. This one is named “Where They At” and summarizes a great year the Rez Kids have had. The pair released their EP, Born Deadly, earlier in year and were on the verge of a US headline tour before COVID-19 hit. Now, with this song, they are introducing us to their next album (due mid next year).

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Emily Vu – “Self Love”

18-year-old Californian pop singer-songwriting Emily Vu is “Self Love” is returning with another great new single. Called “Self Love”, the track is the first cut from her forthcoming EP, Found (due November 20). It’s a song about that kind of self-confidence that may earn you a few haters. Emily says on the track, “‘Self Love’ is basically just about how I’m a confident person. You’ll never catch me in my feelings over something someone said. I wrote this song because ever since I started doing music and it became a real thing for me, people who have no idea who I am always have something to say about me. They say I’ve changed and that I’m full of myself, but I honestly just love myself.”

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Kenneth Qua – “Lately”

Singaporean musician Kenneth Qua has had to stretch himself to achieve his goals. From playing the streets of Singapore to performing at bar gigs in Boston, the Vienna-based singer-songwriter has acquired an eclectic music taste. His newest song “Lately” — produced by Edwin Wong — is a jazzy, electro-funk piece imbued with hints of R&B and pop. Qua’s smooth vocals are laid alongside captivating strings, synths and horns. Overall, “Lately” is a nice, retro-themed love song.

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Drea – “Ocean Avenue”

Drea is releasing her debut EP, Ocean Avenue on La Reserve Records. The 4-song project is explorative and sees the young singer-songwriter taking a look at issues ranging from sexuality, feminism, spirituality, freedom and dualism. “As a female creator, I have truly never had autonomy of my music until I learned how to produce. Up until 2018, I had been reliant on men to create music. None of them ever understood my vision, and quite a number of them treated me like a puppet they could dress up to fit any vision of a woman they wanted. After these experiences, I left music for a year or so. This EP is something I can finally call my own. I hope any woman listening feels inspired to take what’s theirs.” Listen to the title-track and then stream the EP entirely here.

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Khamari – “Other Side”

The long wait is officially over as Khamari shares his debut EP, Eldorado. Arriving with the project is the last of the five tracks: “Other Side”. The EP (stream here) is sequenced to illustrate the rise and fall of love, expectation and fulfillment. Khamari (born Jae Stephens) crafted each song to fit into that theme. Since his debut, the singer-songwriter has engaged fans with his chill and vibey brand of R&B/pop.

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Tsar B x Nova Twins – “Fitch”

Belgian artist Tsar B linked up with London’s Nova Twins for the single “Fitch”. Sass and attitude are on display as the three girls deliver an energetic and innovative pop anthem. Tsar B says “I was so happy Nova Twins agreed to be a part of ‘Flitch’, feel like it’s a match made in heaven! I love their energy and aesthetic, remotely working on the song and video was an interesting but rewarding experience. I love the girls’ modesty and crazy talent and absolutely can’t wait for new music from them.” The song is taken from Tsar B’s forthcoming EP Unpaintable. Expect the project to drop on October 30 (both vinyl and digital platforms).

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Casscade x Raj Forever – “Crazy Scenes”

North West London rapper Casscade‘s latest effort is a melodic drill track which features fellow Londoner Raj Forever — a rapper and producer. Produced by American producer Saint Cardona, the record has a global appeal. Raj’s catchy hook and Casscade’s well-crafted verses balance each other perfectly. “Crazy Scene” simply sounds refreshing. The record is the follow-up to Casscade’s single “Hurry Up & Buy” featuring German artist Joshi Mizu.

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DubVision x Micar & Jash x Marmy – “Melody”

“Melody” is a head-bobbing new track from DubVision, Micar & Jash and Marmy. Carrying a dramatic build-up and an energetic drop, the progressive house record proceeds with a body-moving vibrance. Marmy’s emotion-imbued vocals is a welcome addition to the track.

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Daveepa x Chris Ponate – “Made Of Gold”

Daveepa made his debut earlier in the year with the track “Star Dreaming” and received rave reviews. The song has already amassed over 500,000 Spotify streams and so, the arrival of the German producer’s second single “Made Of Gold” is backed by a solid foundation. Featuring singer Chris Ponate, the new song carries quite an amazing vocal. It’s a progressive track with a fresh and effervescent sound.

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HAYL – “I Will”

HAYL is making an unapologetic statement with her new single, “I Will”. The song is an ode to loving yourself, embracing what makes you happy and resisting others’ selfish attempts to change you. “A boy I briefly dated was convinced I needed his help to be a better version of myself. Everything he wanted to change about me was everything I loved most. Fully embracing who I was, flaws and all, felt more important than compromising to fit his agenda, so obviously I ended it…,” explains HAYL. Musically, “I Will” is an electronic-influenced indie-pop with a lovely hook and beautiful vocals.

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Brad Byrd – “Hollow Feeling”

Brad Byrd is back to releasing music more regularly and he’s turning every song into an experience. His latest single “Hollow Feeling” captures the imagination of how empty life would be without the one you love being in it. The song is made to be both so emotional and relatable. Still, it has quite a smooth vibe, thanks to the bass groove, lovely guitars and inviting vocals. “Hollow Feeling” is for the true indie-pop fans.

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Sea Girls – “Accident Waiting To Happen”

Sea Girls are returning on the other side of a successful album roll-out to share their new song “Accident Waiting To Happen”. In terms of production, they’ve stepped up energy with this one. The song will feature on the much-anticipated XBox game, Dirt 5 (other songs picked are by Foals, Stromzy, Yungblud, among other big names. “Accident Waiting To Happen” is here to prove that the album wasn’t a fluke.

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Ocie Elliot – “Back Door Run”

Ocie Elliot is a Canadian indie-folk duo from Victoria, B.C. Consisting of Jon Middleton and Sierra Lundy, the outfit makes music with an evocative feel. With their EP Slow Tide expected to drop in March 2021 (via Nettwerk Music Group), the musicians are revealing the lead single, “Back Door Run”. The track is gentle, harmonious and acoustic-leaning. It’s the kind of music you listen to in a moment of introspection.

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Chris Noah – “This Is The Night”

Distance Deluxe is the EP that Latvian singer-songwriter Chris Noah will be releasing on 6th November. One of the songs to be included on it is “This Is The Night”, which the artist has just shared. Side-by-side the track is the official music video created and directed by Renārs Liepiņš. “This Is The Night” describes a relationship jeopardized by one’s focus on career.

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Kayla Williams – “Stealing From My Youth”

Central Alberta-based, Canadian singer/songwriter Kayla Williams is once again captivating us with her beautiful melodies and harmonies as she shares another song called “Stealing From My Youth”. It’s a soulful pop piece reminiscent of past music flavours. The song was produced by award-winner, Spencer Cheyne. “I wrote this song in the midst of the chaos when we were mostly housebound,” says Williams. “In many ways, not being able to live life ‘normally’ felt like there were days being taken from me, like the pandemic was stealing from my youth”.

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Hoger – “Same Mistakes”

It’s interesting how often the heart conflicts the mind; where emotions are involved, logic sometimes takes a backseat. Those who’ve fallen in love with the wrong people but are simply unable to walk away understand this too well. Dutch singer-songwriter Hoger delves into such a scenario with his newest single, “Same Mistakes”. Gripping lyrics, vulnerable vocals and instrumentation characterize the marvelous indie/electro-pop song.

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Maddy Rose – “Indigo Blue”

“Indigo Blue” is a new soul/pop song from Austrian singer-songwriter Maddy Rose. The jazz-infused track is very smooth, with keys and strings colliding to create the soothing tune. Maddy’s powerful voice and inspired lyrics are delivered with great authenticity and class. The singer combines modern sounds with vintage elements to create timeless music.

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Liam O’Brien – “Higher Than Our Hopes”

LA-based Miami singer and songwriter Liam O’Brien has unveiled a new song, “Higher Than Our Hopes”. The indie-pop ballad is emotional and uplifting. Interestingly, as Liam admits, the song started out as a ‘weed anthem’ before inspiration took him deeper and deeper. “When you’re feeling broken, you can let yourself shatter and remain that way or you can pick up the pieces and put them back in place. We all have that choice, and when we come out whole again, we’ll be higher than anything we’d ever hoped for,” Liam says.

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The full playlist:

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