New Release Friday: 18 new songs out on November 6th

Check out this week’s New Release Friday roundup and its corresponding Spotify playlist update.

Marcel – “I Want to Be Yours”

“I Want To Be Yours” is the just-released debut single from 21-year-old Austrian singer-songwriter and guitarist Marcel. Produced by Phil Speiser, the track is accompanied by a music video which is as moving as the song itself. “I Want To Be Yours” is a pensive piece about how one’s past baggage could hinder their desire to find new love. Marcel’s emotion-imbued voice delivers the message in the most gripping of ways, proving he’s a rare talent.

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Sky of Augustine – “Fall Asleep”

Sky of Augustine is a new indie duo from Switzerland. Consisting of siblings Joel and Romaine Müller, the two previously made music as part of a band. Now, with a new project, they’ve committed themselves to more intimate songwriting, with topics to center around life and its intricacies. Their first single “Fall Asleep” is a taste of what the duo is preparing for us.

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Estella Dawn – “Fiery B”

Colorado-based Estella Dawn returns with “Fiery B”, her latest effort. It’s a song that find the singer-songwriter revealing how she’s agreeable until someone messes with her. The message is almost similar to that of “I Dare You” and the 23-year-old New Zealander accompanied the song with a simple yet illustrative music video. “Fiery B” is Estella at her most assertive.

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Jack Trouble – “4 Once In Ur Life”

UK singer Jack Trouble has unveiled his debut album titled I. Released via Spiritual Records, the album includes ten tracks, each produced entirely by the artist. Besides writing and performing, the musician palyed every instrument on the record, further highlighting his multiple talents. One of the songs is “4 Once In Ur Life”, a great soulful pop piece. Its lyrics was inspired by Jack’s own experiences growing up in London and observing the fast lifestyle and ‘every man for himself’ attitude that characterize big-city life.

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Peter Fenn x SEB – “Arizona Summer”

“Arizona Summer” is a new upbeat and fun-loving song by emerging Los Angeles artist Peter Fenn. Featuring SEB, it carries a rhythmic pop/rock instrumentation. The warm and laid-back vocals will get you loving the song and its inherent vibe. Fittingly, the lyrics is simple and catchy, keeping the listener’s focus on the amazing grooves.

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Paul Oakenfold x Eve x Baby E – “What’s Your Love Like”

When hip-hop is mixed with EDM, it should be done right. A new banger by DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold called “What’s Your Love Like” illustrates a proper collision of these distinct worlds. The techno-flavoured song features rap queen Eve, with additional vocals from Baby E. As a release, it’s taken from Oakenfold’s upcoming album, Shine on. The first single “The World Can Wait” featured Latin pop star Luis Fonsi. “What’s Your Love Like” is a great club tune.

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Just Kiddin – “When You Say It”

For their first release via London imprint Perfect Havoc, rising house music duo Just Kiddin are sharing “When You Say It”. The atmospheric new track carries a winsome female vocal, which in itself, is a proper interpretation of the Leeds-based producers’ composition and arrangement. “When You Say It”s a song you’ll play and sing along to on repeat as it has the hallmarks of a global EDM hit. The duo’s second single on the label is expected later in January.

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Keanu Silva x YouNotUs x Sam Gray – “Say Hello”

German producer Keanu Silva has teamed up with Berlin-based production duo YouNotUs (Gregor and Tobi) to create a new electro-pop jam named “Say Hello”. The song features vocals of Sam Gray and is, generally, a passionate piece covered in an engaging dance-pop tune. Lyrically, it talks about the value of staying in contact with your loved one in these crazy times. “Say Hello” has the inspiring message we all need right now.

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Hylynd – “2x & 1/2 With You”

About a year since we introduced Hylynd to Aipate readers, the North Carolina-born and Texas-raised artist continues to soar high. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has a brand new single named “2x & 1/2 With You” and it’s delicious. Elaborating on the song, Hylynd says: “‘2x & 1/2 With You’ is a song based off the Swedish Proverb that says ‘shared joy is a double joy, shared sorrow is half the sorrow’. It’s about settling into the present, realizing life isn’t forever so we better take advantage of it, and that together is better than going alone.”

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Rosie Darling – “Coping”

The aftermath of a break-up can be so devastating. It’s imperative that one finds a healthy way to take their mind off things. A new song by Rosie Darling provides some insight. The marvelous piece was co-written with Justin Gamella and produced by Andy Seltzer. Michael Brauer and Joe Laporta worked on the mixing and mastering, respectively. Alongside the exciting single and accompanying video, Rosie has announced her signing to Nettwerk Records.

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Kitty Montague – “Always On My Mind”

“On My Mind” is a new song that captures British singer-songwriter Kitty Montague admitting her vulnerabilities. The gentle and delicately crafted soulful pop tune sees her reflecting on her own mistakes and behaviour, debating the confusing temptation to go back to a past relationship. Kitty explains, “This song is an inward conversation about an on-off relationship that I consistently went back to whenever I felt lonely. It’s a very real narration of the confusion I felt trying to identify my own feelings, whilst at the expense of someone else”. Her soft vocals and ability to draw the listener in makes the young singer-songwriter a force to reckon with.

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Tyrone’s Jacket – “Magic”

High-flying Los Angeles trio Tyrone’s Jacket have finally unveiled their self-titled debut album. Alongside it arrives the video for the single, “Magic”. The pop-ready R&B song has a smooth feel that will sonically take you a couple decades years back. It features a rap verse that adds versatility to the track. The outfit is fronted by KnowaKing.

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The Kii x K.Zia x Siimba Selassiie x Locksmith – “Virgo”

Jan Lilienthal and Michael Nowatzky make up The Kii, a German-based production & songwriting duo. Out now is their latest single “Virgo” which features K.Zia, Siimba Selassiie and Locksmith. The hip-hop record is smooth, groovy yet hard-hitting. Siimba Selassiie and Locksmith do the pop-trap beat some justice, laying in explosive rhymes in between an alluringly soulful chorus by K.Zia. A vibey song, “Virgo” precedes The Kii’s upcoming debut EP, Walk Alone.

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Dragonfruit – “Apples”

Unlike in their previous single “Wasted” which had a tinge of bitterness, Netherlands-based band Dragonfruit‘s newest, “Apples”, is gladsome and seductive. Still, it carries their signature soulful vibes, with lead singer Danique van der Vlugt’s celestial vocals going in tandem with the song’s Garden Of Eden-themed composition. And, once again, we are treated to the 4-piece outfit’s unique blend of R&B, soul, hip-hop and elecrtonica. “Apples” is registered Dragonfruit’s fourth official single.

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Xavier Ralph – “Thoughts Of Me”

UK singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Xavier Ralph returns with a blasting-yet-soulful indie-pop tune named “Thoughts Of Me”. The Sussex-native artist released the song via Uprise Records UK. On it, he emotively expresses his sentiments towards a past relationship. His vocal gift and polished songwriting are both brought to the forefront with this one.

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Angelina Jordan – “Million Miles”

Not often does an artist release their debut single after already amassing over a billion views on covers and video performances. However, 14-year-old Los Angeles singer Angelina Jordan is not your average talent. Her first single “Million Miles”, an evocative piano-guided ballad, proves she’s more gifted than most and, surely, one to watch. “‘Million Miles” is about losing someone you really love,” she explains. “This song is very personal to me, because I had never felt the feeling of losing someone before I wrote this.” Produced by GRAMMY Award-winning production duo Stargate, it is out on Republic Records.

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Patrik Jean – “Consequence”

“Consequence” is a new song — and EP — by Swedish pop singer-songwriter Patrik Jean that comes on the back of his successful single, “24“. Produced by Herman Gardarfve, the track is similarly melodic but, unlike the previous one, this one is lyrically moody and contemplative. “Sometimes after a bad break-up, you kind of give up on love. This song describes that feeling, and I’ve felt it a few times too many. But somehow you always come back to the day when you’re ready again. That’s the good consequence of love,” explains Stockholm-based Patrik. The singer’s powerful and soaring vocals gleams as he engages us emotionally. The music video for “Consequence” was directed by Magnus Ragnvid.

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Skip Curtis – “America”

Welsh singer-songwriter and producer Skip Curtis — and one-third of pop trio XY&O — releases a new single, “America”. It’s an explosive pop-rock anthem with one hell of an enchanting hook. Another exciting release from the UK musician, it follows his previous 2020 singles “Satellite” and “Someone For You”. This new song was inspired by Skip’s experience travelling around the USA. He says: “America is an almost unbelievable place. We share a language, but the culture is so different at times. There is so much success, but inevitably so much failure as well.” This record is the second-last single from Curtis’ scheduled debut album, Culture Violet. The LP will drop early next year on the artist’s own label, Pet Shop Records.

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Here’s the full Spotify playlist:

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