Hear ATOMGA ask “Which One Are You” in new song

Colorado band ATOMGA are back with a new single and it’s magnificent. Called “Which One Are You”, it’s a funky Afrobeat track with mesmerizing instrumentation and superb production.

Lyrically, the song looks at ‘the power of choice in how you conduct yourself and how that affects the world around you in’. It follows ATOMGA’s releases “Zenpocalypse”, “Lucidity” and their remixes.

The band comprises of Leah Concialdi (baritone sax & background vocals), Frank Roddy (tenor sax & background vocals), LaShá “CalySōl” Afarko (vocals), Alice Hansen (trumpet & background vocals), Casey Hrdlicka (guitar & background vocals), Sam Lafalce (bass), Peter Mouser (keyboard & electric organ), J.R. Ranck (drums), Jared Fischer and Matt Schooley. Since 2011, they’ve captivated fans with their engaging music.

Listen to “Which One Are You” and get ready to be hypnotized.

Fore more about ATOMGA, check out their official website.

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