Jimkata admit vulnerability in new song, “Weight Of Paradise”

Ever since Jimkata returned from their 2-year hiatus, the alt-pop trio has continued to deliver one beautiful piece after another. Their latest release is a mellow and uplifting song called “Weight Of Paradise”.

It is about the vulnerable feeling that accompanies one’s pursuit of a dream; while your energy is fueled by passion and desire, at times, you get confronted by personal failures, self doubt or the fear of failure. In such time, the song urges, it’s important to consider that “you’re lucky to be alive, feeling the weight of building your paradise…” This message couldn’t have come at a more appropriate better time, a time when most people have a lot to deal with.

Jimkata have planned their upcoming album titled Bonfires to drop next year. Meanwhile, their next single “Blessings In Disguise” arrives November 20 (pre-order here).

Connect with Jimkata trio on Instagram.

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