Watch Mikey Dam’s video for “Time”

New Zealand’s Mikey Dam is one of the exciting R&B singer-songwriters entering the various local scenes. Signed to Republic Records, he’s got the major label support needed to become a global sensation. His latest single “Time” is a good song that helps introduce him to newer audiences. It is the follow-up to “Needed Love” and “Barry Tone”.

The track’s indie-leaning acoustic style befits the raw, sentimental lyrics that Mikey delivers. Putting things into context, he says, “I went through a phase where I felt like I was running out of time.

“I also felt like that because I was super far away from family after moving away from hometown. My whole objective with moving to the big city was to accomplish a checkpoint I had in my head. I had mad paranoia about running out of time and not achieving what I wanted to achieve, and I thought I was going to let people down. That pressure was there. I also had people dying in my family, and family members getting locked up in prison. That changed my whole perspective of the value of time.”

The music video helps properly depicts the mood of the song. Listen and follow Mikey Dam on Instagram.

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