Listen to Girl Eats Sun, an EP by Hope Tala

Hope Tala is surely an artist to watch as we head into 2021. With the kind volatile year that 2020 has been, it’s noteworthy that the young UK soul/R&B artist still got to create an awesome EP that deserves all praises — and it’s already received some rave reviews. Girl Eats Sun is 6 tracks of creative magic.

With the project, arrived the single “Cherries” which features fast-rising American artist rapper and singer Aminé. This song was accompanied by a stunning visual, and prior to that release, Hope had shared the “All My Girls Like To Fight” single and video.

“Cherries” is a bossa nova-influenced track with sensual and seductive vibes. About it, Hope Tala explains, “Since I started writing music, I’ve used fruit imagery; I’ve always been inspired by the Garden of Eden and the story of Adam and Eve. I think of ‘Cherries’ as being a really corporeal song – there’s a lot of lyrical content about how the body portrays feeling and emotion, and when I was writing it I used the symbol of cherries as my focal point to help me understand where these two worlds – material and emotional – collide.”

Watch the video, stream the EP below and catch up with Hope Tala on Instagram.

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