ÒLAH BLISS x Kid Bookie – “Push Me To The Edge” [Video]

The latest release from ÒLAH BLISS is the single “Push Me To The Edge”. The melodic hip-hop track finds her collaborating with East London rapper Kid Bookie. Written about the struggles artists go through in maintaining their creative output, “Push Me To Edge” is quite an introspective song and, with the tough year that we’ve all had, it will resonate with most.

I wrote the track during the first lockdown and it reflects how I’ve been feeling over the last few months. I don’t normally get time to just ‘be in my head’ and reflect on my journey and achievements thus far; I finally got this opportunity whilst staying at home and the feeling was underwhelming. The journey of an artist is not easy an easy one, we invest our time and any money that we get back into music with no guarantees of success, just sheer hope that our music will be heard and liked, it is our passion after all and not being able to share it with people is soul destroying…”


As a contrast to the moody lyrics from both spitters, “Push Me To The Edge” sounds so upbeat and vibey. And that’s thanks to its crisp production.

Find ÒLAH BLISS and Kid Bookie on Instagram.

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