Listen to ÒLAH BLISS’ latest song, “Psycho”

ÒLAH BLISS re-emerges with this heartgripping and personal piece, “Psycho”. The stripped-down piano-driven song sees the UK rapper and singer laying bare what goes on in her head most of the time.

She reveals, “This is probably one of the most important songs of my career. I have never written such a personal record. This song explains what goes on in my head 24/7, the anxiety, the depression, the self-destructive behaviours, self criticism, the urge to control how other people view me. Call it a ‘therapy session’, because that’s what I imagined it to be whist writing the song, one on one with someone who can get through to me. Music has driven me to such madness on so many occasions and this is the first time I’ve ever spoken about it to any capacity.”

The song is both vulnerable and cathartic. And, whether or not you relate, you’ve got to appreciate ÒLAH’s courage to tackle such deep-seated emotions. Connect with the fast-risin artist on Instagram.


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